Novel Authors

New Authors

"A bestseller" refers to the estimated number of copies sold of all fiction books written or co-authored by an author. Pages in category "New authors". Buy our talented Christian novelists and find well-written, creative, imaginative and rich stories. Many of them have a novel inside them just waiting to be written. The Ugandan author wins one of the most lucrative literary prizes in the world.

The 10 best female debuts

Powerful female authors have written an interesting series of books this year, and it's no easy task that so many of them are firsts. There is no quick action that gives the textbook room to breath. Sally Rooney's much-vaunted début is not disappointing. Frances, 21, a spokeswoman, is a fashionist.

She struggles between visiting books and writing poems on her MacBook to choose what she wants to do in real world and what her place in the underworld is. On Caz Frear's fun, smoothly spelled début, a thriller about Cat Kinsella, a 26-year-old policewoman involved in a homicide case with gooey connections to her own folks.

Sweet Little Lies, unlike other plot-driven thrillers, is both feministic and laughingly comical. Oliphant has lived her early life in homes and lives in the shell of herself, works nine to five years in an Glasgow studio and spends nights at home without making conversation or doing much.

In spite of the fierce sounds of the situation, Eleanor's vocals are easy and comical. Every urbanite will refer to the premises of this work, which is founded on the solitude of the cities and how a small kind of foreigner can create a universe of differences. They know everything, or at least it seems so, with the script that a miraculous amount of little things are unspooled, but they also know nothing, and it needs them the whole novel to realize it.

With bethany in jail, her counselor proposes that she write a record of all the good things in her world. Writer Clare Fisher leads us back to Bethanien's instable infancy, the boyfriends who came and went, the relation to a man who got hitched and how she tried to gain a foothold in London.

She has a great gift for making the common moments in our lives a captivating glimpse of sorrow, a decaying marital and parental/kidry. Like The Devil Wears Prada, Chloe Esposito's first volume in a trio is quick moving with stackato phrases, but more fun and reader. It' s flooded with curse words, bloody and violent, and it' s completely exaggerated, but that makes it great.

It'?s not for the faint-hearted. She abandons her grandma in a care home and flatters Mizuko and her own lives, making Alice an outsider in her own one. This is a well done and very good work.

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