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Nova Verlag does not exist on the website "Stop Predatory Journals", based on Beall's list. Anybody else have experience with this company? An academic top publisher with high-quality publications.

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Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Nova is a publishing house for scientific and scholarly work. It was established in 1985 in New York by Frank Columbus, former editor-in-chief of Plenum Publishing[2], whose Mrs. Nadya Columbus took office after his passing in 2010. 3 ] While the law office has published in various areas of research, most of its articles are in the areas of research, economics, social sciences and medical sciences.

By February 2018, 100 current periodicals had been list. 4 ] In 2018, NOVA has been voted number 13 of the world's major publishers of politics in the last 5 years[5]. skip to top ^ "Company List of Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Leap up ^ Vygotsky, L. S. (April 28, 2016).

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