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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Notes Writer. ColourNote is one of the most popular notepad applications. Evernote has long been one of the best productivity applications. Ease is always best when it comes to notes. These are our preferred handwriting options.

Evernote, OneNote and beyond: 14 Best Notes Making Applications

You' re not the only one and that's why it's so important to take notes. No. "and I' m sure you will recall that. There' re many ways to take a note. They could be carrying a notepad and a stylus in their bag or writing on a serviette at noon. Or better yet, you could use a notepad application so you always have a way to save your thoughts - even if there is no nap.

Laptop applications come in all forms and dimensions. You' ll find a laptop app for everything you want to keep in mind, from basic plain-text laptops to applications that recognise your signature and capture music. We' ve taken along a dozen of notepad applications for a test ride to keep the obligatory ones from the weaker ones.

First you' ll find full-featured notepad applications, such as Evernote, OneNote and Simplenote - the much-loved notepad applications that can store everything. Then we' ll look at the handwritten applications that let you write your thoughts on trays. If that' s not enough, there is a bonuses section with one-trick-pony notebooks that could do a great one and be a great app to go with your favorite laptop app.

Memos come in all forms and dimensions - but if you want a Memos app to keep an eye on everything, you need a full-featured Notizen-App. With these applications you can keep your text annotations clear and use additional functions for adding annotations, importing pictures, recognizing text from your manuscript and much more. The Evernote is perhaps the best-known electronic notepad, and for good reasons.

It' easy enough to take fast memos on the go, yet strong enough to organise your whole electronic world. Evernote memos are similar to Richtext works. Easily attach text, pictures, sound, and data to memos and then organise them into notebook computers. It' all linked to a high-performance query (which can even index hand-written memos and attachments when you update to Premium) so you can find any memo no matter where you have it stored.

Evernote also makes one of the best applications for capturing your scanned files if you want to use hand-written notes: With Evernote, you can easily take a photo with your mobile device to capture your hand-written memos, slips, important and more. Then you can find any text in the documentation using Evernote's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to find text from Evernote's text searcher.

With Evernote Web Clipper you can easily and quickly expand your laptop. If you' re surfing the web and you' re discovering things you want to recall, just click on the browsing expansion to store the highlight or the whole page, along with all the memos you have on that page, on your laptop.

You can even just store the text of an item, beautifully sized as an easiest way to view your favourite items later. To get a closer look at Evernote's functions and price schedules, take a look at our Evernote test. You will also be able to find out more than 30 of the best Evernote hints and puzzles with our guides.

Part of the Microsoft Office Suites, One Note is a notepad application that is more like a printed notepad. Rather than Evernote's more note-centric touch, AnotherNote is styled around laptops and notes segments. Evernote is easy to use by just leaving the quest to find what you want - it works in YouNote, too, but its notepad and section indexes will make you keep things organised.

Every note in OneNote also looks more like a note on a piece ofaper. Snap pictures and attachment files, then insert highlight, memos, task list, and more anywhere on your page. And you can even insert sound, drawings and video into your memos. Keep your voice memos next to your memos, highlight pictures, and create to-dos right next to your memos to keep an overview.

You can get a closer look at the functions and price schedules of OneNote in our OneNote test. It' actually a full-featured notepad application that lets you write down your thoughts, make your own checklist and much more. It' superfluous in comparison to Evernote and OneNote, but that might be exactly what you need to stay effective.

You can add new memos to your post-it memos and view them in previews without having to open every memo. To continue with your comments, use the Copy to Google Docs function, which turns any note into an editor. If you' re writing something you mustn't overlook, Google Keep Reminder can help you remember when you're in a specific area.

If you use Keep's voice recorders to capture your thoughts in their portable applications, Google will transcribe the text and capture the sound. As part of the Zoho product line, Zoho Notebook is an aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich notebook application. Laptop makes organising your notebook enjoyable by creating menues in favour of-what else? It is easy to add a note.

Memo, speech, picture, check list or hand-written note (mobile only). Incorporate shots, pictures, and check lists as part of a rich-text note. The notebook makes it simple to record your inspirations wherever and however they catch your eye. The notebook's portable application has a built-in sketching function that allows you to write down charts or memos with your fingers or a simple pen.

Capture your audio memos using Apple Watch. Don't be worried about accidental loss - Notebook synchronizes your memos and has a source code system that lets you easily return to an earlier one. Though not as functional as Evernote, the notebook offers a wealth of features in an entertaining, minimalist and highly user friendly user experience.

It is also 100% free, with no additional bonus feature or plan. Zoomo-notebook price: Free of charge, without advertising or premier amenities. Simplenote provides a clear room for writing notices. There' s no bells and whistles here - just an empty screen for clear text memos about your meeting, your weekends and more.

While you can't attach pictures or files, you can quickly take text memos and browse your whole collections. Simplenote's story will come in useful as you can look back through any release of your memos and undo changes. You can also release a note so that you can ask a colleague or colleague to participate in a group.

Incidentally, the simplest way to take a note on your iPhone, iPad and Mac is to have it installed on every Apple machine and work with Siri. Since its inception as amber block of law, it has developed widely. With the latest release, you can add bookmarks to websites, make drawings, take memos with a stylus, and easily generate task logs.

In almost any application on your iPhone or Mac, touch the Sharing icon and you can quickly add your favourite items and more to memos. And as always, you can reformat your memos into Richte Text and send them by e-mail. You can use iCloud. Even if you're not near your Apple-device.

Alternatively, the Lotus Notes app can synchronize your memos with other e-mail service such as Gmail and Outlook. While it may not be as bad as the other laptop applications, Note eliminates all the frictional losses when recording things on the go. The Hackpad is a collaboration, cloud-based notepad application that helps you organise everything you need to record, with high-performance functions integrated into the easy-to-use user interfaces.

Each" Pad" is an empty board to collect your thoughts and comments, but its collaboration instruments are the true spoilsport. Like most note taking applications, you can type text memos, insert pictures, and style text with basic headings, lists, and more. Then you can organise your memos into a collection by including a memo for as many of your collection as you need to keep related memos together.

Everybody makes a note in this block, i.e. everybody is (literally) on the same page. It is a wallpaper that' s great for shared use. To get a closer look at Hackpad's functions and price schedules, take a look at our Hackpad test. The Quip is not a common laptop application. Beginning with memos, it then inserts into easy documents, tables and even teammates.

Anyone can be added to a note or paper and work with any changes made on the lefthand side bar so you can easily see what each individual has added. If you need to crack the numbers in your memos, you'll find that Quip's built-in basic calculations are far more useful than the charts in your typical laptop application.

To get a closer look at the functions and price schedules of Quip, take a look at our Quip Test. Dropbox' App is a collaborative project management software named Dropbox Papers. You can take a note on a blank piece of digitized hard copy next to your teammates and use mark-down styled formating to include headlines, lists, and more.

Then you can release or printout your completed memos with a shortcut - although strangely enough there is no way to save a PDF or other files to your true drop box memory. Yet another filesharing utility with a memo application, Box Note is more like Quip's Notepad, completed with an eye-catching Microsoft Outlook taskbar at the top.

Just like its rivals, Box Note allows you to share your own note with your staff, using simple formating and commenting-together. However, unlike Dropbox Paper, Box Note saves the note file directly in your normal Box directories. This makes it a great way to attach memos to a file directory as an easiest place to work together on your spreadsheets along any other part of the lifecycle - even if you are working from a portable organ.

While it may be a little harder to find all your memos, at least you don't have to open another application to attach memos to your work. An appealing cross-over between Markdown and Notepad, Bear provides a neat, minimalist home for your music.

Bear looks like Apple Note at first glance, with a listing of your memos to the right of a text edit. BeRemote is a full-featured Markdown viewer with immediate previews, so you can type and exported to Markdown, but see your work in a comprehensive way. This app's tags system will add an additional level of organisation to your memos and provide cross-note linking so you can organise and refer to your memos with ease.

Easy to use, Bear is ideal for targeted work on your memos or writing. The free edition has all the key functions, but with a trial license you get instant acces to common file types (PDF, DX, HTML, Task Paper) and can synchronize your memos across Device-Custom.

Free; $1.49/mo per subscriptions for cross-device synchronization, extended exports capabilities, extra workspaces. Writing memos on your desk or taking voice memos from your mobile can be convenient, but many still like to write their memos by handwriting. In fact, a survey by Princeton and UCLA has shown that taking handwritten memos can improve your information remember.

"The trend of laptop note-takers to literally transliterate classes instead of process information and put it into their own words," the report says, "is harmful to them. "Those who make hand-written memos instead tended to focus on keywords and points of activity, making it easy to learnt from your memos.

What if you try to digitise your note? Fortunately, there is a midway for those who like to take a note but want functions likeoud sync and collaboration: hand writing applications. While you can use Evernote for scanning annotations or OneNote's portable hand-writing and drafting capabilities, these applications are designed for hand-written tote.

One of the most common drafting applications for your iPhone, Papier is ideal for text memos, manuscripts, drawings, and annotation-painting. Every note is saved on a separate sheet of hardcopy that you can organise into groups and give to others on-line an option pen for pressure-sensitive designs.

The penultimate was one of the manuscript applications for the iPad and is now part of the Evernote app series. It' more manuscript than drafting, with natural-looking brushed stainless steel inks and a wide range of different types of papers to work with. And you can select your own colour and strength of inks and use your own pen or Evernote JotScript to make writing easy.

You can then store your hand-written memos back in Evernote, where they sync with the other memos and document files. Evernote's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) then indexes your hand-written text so you can browse your memos and find your them. Squid is another manuscript application that works on Windows and Android workstations.

Writing and drawing with a pressure-sensitive pen or your fingers or importing and marking pictures and PDF files with the help of your hand. The Squid also contains all the organisational and text processing functions you would want from a full-featured laptop application. And you can even save your memos in PDF to easily transfer or copy to other equipment.

Free; premium for Android withoud synchronization, PDF file upload and more for $10/year. Minor jobs call for basic applications. You may not need another full-featured application if you already have a good recording system. However, you may want a free application that will help you do more - maybe to make different kinds of note or adding functions that your note application doesn't have.

This notepad applications do one thing well and they are great, easy ways to take your note in a new way. No matter if you have selected a basic notepad application like Simplenote, a fully functional utility like Evernote or something in between, there is certainly one function you will miss in the end. You may want an easy way to store your memos or back them up to a secure location (just in case).

Or, maybe you want to exchange your memos and use your laptop application to run your blogs, contact-lists and more. There' s so many things you need to keep in mind that it's not possible to put them all in your notepad. You can add items to your to-do lists app, favourite items to your bookmark app, twitter quicklinks and citation and much more.

Do you have a favourite note application on your mobile that synchronizes with Dropbox but wants to use OneNote on your computer? Do you need to work in a collaborative environment where multiple notepad applications are used simultaneously? Memos aren't just for laughs - they are often about serious things that require your alertness.

Maybe you have an ingenuity for a new blogs entry or you are taking a note of a customer encounter. Have you got a popular notepad application that didn't create the listing, or a favourite knack that makes one of these applications even better?

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