Not a good Writer

Unsavoury writer

This is how to blog if you are not a novelist. To be a novelist, to come up with contents for my blogs, is usually quite simple. Sure, there is occasionally a writer's embargo or a shortage of inspirations, but in most cases I'm not interested in creating the film. I have the least of my own issues with this. However, I do realise that not everyone who has a blogs regards themselves as authors.

So, how do you blogs when you're not a novelist? You know that I believe that the disciplines of blogs are important for authors. There is a free forum and an opportunity to post and get feedbacks every single second. Whilst blogs should not be a substitute for all the typing you do, it is definitely worth doing.

However, if you have trouble saying something in your diary, try these tips: Writing longer reveals your non-scriptiveness. Make a photoblog. Make enumeration list. Make a short step-by-step tutorial into something you're an authority on. Some really popular non-traditional blogs (like Gary Vaynerchuk) share contents in a truly original way.

Fetch another blogshopper (especially the way of writing) to write a comment for you. Ask someone on Twitter and turn this chat into a blogs entry (if the respondent agrees). Sharing brief extracts of other people's contents with the author's consent (Guy Kawasaki does this all the time).

This is sometimes necessary for authors, but for non-writers it could only be more frustrating. Of course you can do it. You ask really good quizzes that make folks answer. When you are a great troublemaker, you can get away with brief, thought-provoking contributions. Let a buddy check your diary or help them out.

It is always good to make a short review of a diary entry before it is published. You can cultivate your typing like almost any other ability. Which hints would you give to someone who is a blogger but not an author?

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