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Nordwestern creative writing

Is it possible to double the subjects English Creative Writing and English Literature? Is it possible to study English as a major and Creative Writing as a minor or vice versa? The program offers both an MA and MFA in Creative Writing in the vibrant literary city of Chicago, with classes also offered on the main campus in Evanston.

English Department

How can I enroll a majority or minority in Creative Writing?

How long before I can register for the Cross-Genre-Minor? After you have fulfilled two requirements (English 206 and English 207 or 208) and a "core" course in English 306, 307, 308 or CWA 301, 302, 303, you can register for the cross-genre minor with a creative writing consultant.

May I take 207 or 208 English without meeting the 206 requirement? The main subjects English Literatures can take 207 or 208 without having taken ONLY 206 in their final year.

I' ve been admitted to the Creative Writing Maior as a pupil in one of the following minors or sequences. Now, I want to switch my position to maj. Please consult the Assistant Director of Creative Writing if you do not have one.

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