Nonfiction Writing Fellowships

Non-Fiction Scholarships

The Roth Residence for creative writing. The Olive B. U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Exchange Fellowships.

The New York City Emerging Writers Fellowship. The Steinbeck Fellow Program at the San José State University. MMB Bagdikian Fellowship Program.

Twenty writing scholarships you should be bookmarking now

You are an aspiring or mature creator or author of non-fiction books? Have a look at these unparalleled possibilities for authors. NEA Literature Fellowships provides $25,000 scholarships in literary (fiction and nonfiction ) and literary writing for publishers of imaginative authors, allowing students to take free writing, research, travelling and more.

This programme runs every two years with scholarships in poetics and poetics, which are offered in changing years. Each year, the Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University awards 10 two-year scholarships: There are 5 scholarships for literature and 5 scholarships for lyricism. The Fellow meets with the teacher for three hours a week, but does not have to fulfill any curriculum requirements other than to attend a workshop.

This fellowship does not provide a diploma. Applicants must prove the excellence of their work, their readiness to improve their abilities and their ability to broaden their knowledge. Scholarships are awarded at a rate of $26,000 per year and Stanford University covers education expenses and healthcare insurement. Launched to help young artists achieve their art objectives and create a lively, imaginative environment in an academically oriented environment.

Every year a scholarship is given to a highly prospective young US author. Additionally to a scholarship of $30,000, the winner will receive an academic term as a resident author at Bard College for one term, without expecting him or her to give classes in Tradition. Scholars must give at least one presentation to the general audience during their scholarship period.

Nominees must be US nationals with a publicized work. Milton Fellowship is a 9-month chance for Christians to finish their first script on literature, poems or imaginative articles at Seattle Pacific University, funded by the Image Journal. Every scholar is brought together with a literature supervisor who occasionally acts as an advisor for his or her work.

Scholarship holders get free housing and a $500 scholarship per month for their stay with us, as well as medical and dental insurance. Candidates must be US nationals or resident and have an M.A. in English Literature, Arts or Social Sciences or an MBA in CS. The Poznan Society of Fellow is a uniquely talented young scholarship for young scientists and young literature people.

Every Posen Society of Fellows member will receive a two-year $40,000 prize and a unique chance to work with and study with senior scientists and authors. Suitable scientists should write a thesis on a subject of contemporary Judaic or cultural interest. Suitable belletrists should work on a Hebrew novel or collections of shortsh stories and have not yet released their first work.

Poznan Society of Fellows is not limited to one particular religious belief or nationalities. The Poetry Magazine awards five Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships of $25,800 each to young writers in the USA in a Poetry Foundation-sponsored nationwide competio n...

Founded in 1989 by the Indianapolis based philosopher Ruth Lilly, the scholarships are designed to promote the further studies and writing of poems. Steinbeck fellowships are a one-year scholarship for aspiring authors of all ages and backgrounds to follow an important writing career during their stay at SJSU. This scholarship includes a $10,000 scholarship, the possibility to exchange ideas with other authors, lecturers, and doctoral candidates, and to divide the ongoing work through a one-time open readings per year.

This scholarship is aimed at authors who are creatively interested in literature, plays, creative books and biographies. We do not accept poetic work. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Emerging Voices Fellow's goal is to give new authors who are separated from the literature community the necessary resources, abilities and expertise to start a writing pro-fession.

This 7-month scholarship from January to July covers mentoring, UCLA Extension Writers' Program courses, author evenings and master courses, a 25-hour volunteering program, language lessons and open-reading. Scholarship recipients are awarded a scholarship of $1,000. Candidates do not have to be publicised, but the community is aimed at authors of literature and books of creativity with a clear vision of what they want to achieve through their writing.

Boston Public Library associates sponsor an annual Children's Writer-in-Residence programme. It is designed to give an aspiring children's author the funding and offices he needs to create a literature work for kids or young people. Childrens's Writer-in-Residence is awarded a $20,000 scholarship and $20,000 in offices at the BPL Central Library in Copley Square.

Possible subjects for this programme are literature, non-fiction, screenplays or poems for young people. Bellagio Italy's residence programme provides a quiet environment for concentrated and goal-oriented work for scientists in the fields of the arts, science, social science and other academia. The Columbus State University is sponsoring the yearly Marguerite and Lamar Fellowship for Writers, which allows a gifted author to spend three months in a roomy home at the historic Carson Smith-McCullers House in Columbus, GA.

This scholarship provides a scholarship of $5,000 for transport, meals, and other expenditures. Scholars must present or promote their work in the form of readings or workshops/forums. The Fellow works with the director of the McCullers Center to schedule a final demonstration at the end of the residence. Scholarships are granted each year to three prospective Naropa University Student Residencies in Boulder, USA.

Beneficiaries will be awarded full scholarships (tuition fee and fees), an award of $5,000 and a $3,000 grant to compensate for the responsibilities of the scholars. Fellows are educated in education and have the possibility to instruct or work at the Naropa Writing Center.

This academy accepts applicants from young scientists, authors and specialists who wish to apply for a degree in Berlin. Every year, around 24 Berlin prizes are presented. Previous award winners include mathematicians, economics graduates, philosophers, poets and authors, as well as lawyers, ethnologists, musicologists as well as specialists in the field of law and order. Scholarships are generally granted for one term or occasionally for an additional year.

Scholarships in Public Policy can be granted for short periods of 6-8-week. Advantages are a return flight, meals, a 5,000 dollar scholarship and accommodation at the Hans Arnhold Center on the lake shore of the Academy in the Berlin-Wannsee area. The Bellagio Arts & Literary Arts Residence in Italy is aimed at contemporary and contemporary Italian authors, novelists, non-fiction authors, dramatists, poets, videographers, film makers and fine art professionals who are involved in the Foundation's commitment to promote the well-being of humanity and whose work is or refers to the world or society.

Usually the centre provides 2-4 week residencies in a group of 15 Fellow communities, usually consisting of 3-5 art scholarship holders. The Rome Prize is presented each year to thirty young musicians and scientists at the beginning and intermediate levels of their career, who set the highest standards in the fields of art and the liberal arts. Each year, the Rome Prize is presented to thirty young researchers.

Every Rome Prize laureate receives a scholarship, food, a master suite with its own bathroom and a work room or studios. 6-month and 11-month scholarship recipients will be awarded $14,000 and $26,000, respectively. Hodson -Brown Fellowship encourages the work of graduates, freelance scientists, and authors working on major pre-1830 American literary, historical, cultural, and artistic work.

It is also open to film-makers, writers, creatives, performers and others working on works based on this era of time. This scholarship prize will support two additional research and two additional writing weeks. Scholarship is $5,000 per grant for a combined $20,000 per grant plus accommodation and college credit.

Hodder Fellowship is awarded to authors and non-literary performers who have an outstanding commitment to pursuing independently funded research at Princeton University during the year. Hodder Fellows are authors, compositions, choreographers, fine arts, performers or other performers or humanitarians who "have much more than usual mental and Literary gifts"; they are chosen "for promises rather than for performances.

" Due to the strengths of the candidate community, most of our alumni have already written their first books or performed similarly in their area. Offers a $75,000 scholarship. Proposals from authors and scientists are welcome. Scholarships include a $45,000 scholarship, medical services, tuition, faculty grants, a supplement for books, and a nine-month stay.

Ten scholarships allow scientists, authors and freelance interpreters to stay at specific visiting institutions for 2-3 month, devote themselves to their own work and interact with each other. Candidates should be from India and be between 25 and 45 years of age ( "no translation scholarship ages ") and have graduated and/or have at least 5 years of vocational or educational background.

Each year, the Swann Foundation awards a scholarship (with a scholarship of up to $15,000) to support the scholar in his or her current scientific research and writing activities in the fields of cartoons and cartoons. In order to be admitted, one must be a nominee for an M.A. or Ph.D. qualification in an accelerated doctoral programme at a US, Canadian or Mexican higher education institution or be active in the area of research postgraduates within three years of obtaining an M.A. or Ph.D. qualification.

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