Nonfiction Terms

Non-fiction terms

Non-fiction is writing that primarily deals with real people, events and places. You may have heard the terms literary articles or creative fiction - like in the dressing room or at a monster truck rally. Unité de poésie Termes littéraires - Unité de poésie épique Termes littéraires - Accueil - Fakultät/Mitarbeiter Webseiten - Jeffries, Cheryl D ; Unité de non-fiction Termes littéraires. You can print a word search for terms including a reply keyPrint a crossword puzzle for terms including a reply key.

Non-fiction - prose writings dealing with real people, things, events and places.

Free-of-charge literature flashcards for non-fiction books

Click or space the map to turn it over. Click on the field to move the map to one of the three coloured fields. Alternatively, you can use the UP ARROW to move the map to the "Knowledge" field, the DOWN ARROW to move the map to the "Don't know" field, or the RIGHT ARROW to move the map to the "Remaining" field.

Alternatively, you can click on the map that appears in one of the three fields to return this map to the centre. A sentence or two below or next to the picture explains the picture. mapsThese help you to visualise a place that the writer is discussing. It is also a fast survey of what you will find in the text. The function shows the most important data and happenings in a person's world.

This can also include the data of important incidents in a historic timeframe.

Literary Glossary - Non-fiction

Do you know your own terms in literature? Books are a type of literature that adheres to the facts. See, items have more stores than Bank of America: bios, argument, stories, news items, film critics - these are all samples of items. You may have already encountered the terms literature or imaginative fantasy - like in a dressing room or at a Monsters truck-rallye.

Both relate to the same thing: non-fiction books that use fictional reading methods, such as parables or dialogues. Travelogues, sport letters and memoir are just a few of the many books on literature and creativity.

Is the way an author arranges and presents information in a book of non-fiction.

Is the way an author arranges and presents information in a unique non-fiction work. - brief compositions on a particular topic or topic, mostly in fiction and generally analytical, conjectural or interpretation. - This is the name of any nonfiction work that appears as part of a journal, paper or work.

  • These are brief articles about the latest developments in the industry and are published on a regular basis in printed form.

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