Nonfiction is Writing that's Based on

Non-fiction is writing based on

Non-fiction is writing based on A. description. Non-fiction is the opposite of fiction, which is fake, non-fiction is real. An factual text is based on facts. A few travelogues, autobiographies or essays that take a particular point of view into account are important examples of literary non-fiction books.

This is the point of view of the professional, the experienced reporter.

Non-fiction is writing based on

As a matter of fact.


in C. Fantasy.

An: Non-fiction is writing based on facts. is being punked.

That was an encouragement to more.

And the only way to see the work is to see it.

He' s still a great novelist - but not the kind of great novelist he should be.

It was devoted to John Berger. There is nothing - to use a sentence that may not be appropriate in this connection - that could be further from the true.

Every author starts a work, he concludes a treaty with the readers.

An agreement for a non-fiction is a more specific matter.

and to the best of my knowledge and belief, what I believe to be the truth.

It allows me to grasp a more profound, less verbal reality.

There is a fire on the notion.

It is the aim of every writer of any text to get the readers to expose the unbelief.

But the test for my theories will not be whether my story is correct. A fictional or non-fiction book?

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