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Type a diet book named after a random place. Do you have a reputation as a credible leader in this area? Do you have a reputation as a credible leader in this area? Explore the best articles in the bestsellers. The best non-fiction books to read, sorted by category.

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What are the most common non-fiction topics? And if you write a non-fiction book, should you select a best-selling style that has an entrenched public, or are you risking lower volumes by releasing a book in a less populated group? A mentor once said to me that the five most favorite self-help book topics are cash, achievement, happiness, relationships, and diets.

Whilst this makes intuitive sense-most of us strive to the things these ledgers promise-I was wondering if there was any empirical proof to back up their proposed schedule. So, I chose to do some research to find out what the best-selling non-fiction titles are today on Amazon. I' ve reviewed ten important non-fiction classes and noted the Amazon bestseller rank for each of the five best titles in each book.

In the Biographies & Memoirs section, Amazon's five best bestsellers were ranked 3rd, 6th, 7th, 16th and 20th (the lower the number, the higher the book's ranking). Top-tier nonfiction, Obama: Intimate portrait as Amazon bestseller ranked 3rd.

Then, I recalculated the mean rankings for each of them to see which Amazon catagory is the most used. So I did this for both printed and Kindle eBooks. It is the top ten top ten book catagories (paperbacks and hardcovers) on on November 17, 2017. Number in parentheses is the Amazon rankings of the five best titles in each group.

The bestseller lists this weeks include textbooks on Barack Obama, Bobby Kennedy, Leonardo DaVinci and General Ulysses Grant. I' ve had a fast review of Amazon's bestselling non-fiction charts for this weeks. Among the top 20 are five autobiographies, four self-help textbooks (including the classical How to Win Friends and Influence People) two from the Spirituality section, two others from the Health, Fitness & Dieting section, four political textbooks, two accounting records, a cookery book and astrophysics for people in a hurry.

Cackled when I saw that two of this week's top 20 bestsellers had the term "f*ck" in the title: Perhaps my next book is entitled "Write Like You Give a F*ck". Inquisitive to know if the bestseller lists for printed and eBooks are the same.

That top ten listing is for eBook items at's Kindle Shop on November 17, 2017. Number in parentheses is the Amazon mean rank of the five best titles in each group. While the largest difference is in Religion & Spirituality (#1 in Kindle vs. #3 in Print) and Business & Money (#3 in Kindle vs. #7 in Print), the mean self-help leaderboard dropped from #2 in print to #4 in Kindle.

Another remarkable distinction is the rankings of the five best printed works in each Kindle book class in comparison to the five best printed work. Printed textbooks ranked much higher overall than their eBook equivalents. As an example, the top 5 self-help games have an Amazon bestseller median #15 in printed book rankings versus #146 in Kindle eBooks.

So I took a brief look at the entire Amazon Kindle bestseller listing and it met me: only six of the top 100 eBooks on Amazon are non-fiction. There are 94 other novels. On the other hand, 36 non-fiction of 100 bestsellers in printed form.

Most of us seem to choose their non-fiction in printed form over eBook-formats. Looking more closely at the eBook listing shows that no less than 25% of eBook title romance, women's fi es and teen fiction are the kind with torn, naked, hounky men on the covers.

Could we deduce that the vast majority of Kindle eBook sales are for womens and teen readin' raunchy fiction? Whilst biography and "serious" book reader would rather hold the book in their hand. When you write a non-fiction book, don't let these stats discourage you - the nonfiction book industry is vast, well-written and solves special issues for its users.

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