Nonfiction Book Proposal Template

Template for non-fiction book suggestions

This abstract should speak for the original ideas of your book. The most important parts of the average book proposal are listed below. A BOOK PROPOSAL IS WHAT AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS REALLY WANT. Writing an award-winning NON-FICTION book suggestion, I tell you how it works: When a friend replies to your letter of inquiry, he/she will want a proposal for a non-fiction book.

Non-fiction book proposal Sketch | Ted Weinstein Literature Management

This is a template for a book suggestion that many of our customers have successfully used. You' re also welcome to hear free audiotapes of Ted's Book Proposal Bootcamp and other work-shops. Write down your book in two or three sections (500 words or less).

What makes your book special and valuable to you? Consider this the copy that would appear on the back of your book or in the publisher's catalogue, or the short reviews that you will hopefully see in Publishers Weekly or the NY Times Book Reviews.

What is your regular public, the most likely buyers of this book? Why are you unique in writing and promoting this book? You' re trying to do two things with this section: show that there is an audiences who would find your book interesting, as previous, winning titles show, while making it clear that your book is different enough to force those people - and others - to buy it.

So what is your overall blueprint for active promotion of the book? Which journals and other medias are your targetgroup looking for? What is the best place for you and your publishing house to work particularly harshly on reviewing the book?

Attach the complete table of contents with detailled abstracts of the individual sections. The section can range from three to 20 pages - it must contain a complete, in-depth overview of the contents of the book. Add the first one or two sections - not the introductory section, but example sections that give an exact impression of the book's stylistic, content and layout.

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