Nonfiction Book Proposal Sample Pdf

Proposed Non-Fiction Sample Pdf

TO WRITE AN AWARD-WINNING BOOK SUGGESTION. You' ll probably send your proposal in this format or as a PDF document by e-mail. You are welcome to use this pdf copy of my last suggestion. Belletristic proposals are different from non-fiction proposals. This is a template for completing a non-fiction proposal.

Suggested sample books

When a friend replies to your request, he/she will want a proposal for a non-fiction book. Enquiry mail can take various shapes, but it contains all the fundamental features. In contrast to inquiry mail, real book suggestions are hard to find. You are welcome to use this pdf copy of my last suggestion.

It can be a tedious book proposal. The last proposal I made was 32 pages. This is Jane Friedman's useful introduction to a suggestion for a non-fiction book. ary Embree, from, gives a good survey of the necessary items of a non-fiction proposal. Belletristicians do not need a book suggestion. When the inquiry is answered by an operative, a full script can be the next thing the operative wants.

So, if you are a novel writer, do not submit any requests until your script is completed and sent. Be prepared to submit a book suggestion at the same moment. Belletristic suggestions are different from non-fiction suggestions. A good place to find a downloaded nonfiction and literature artwork is

You will also find some useful websites (links above) that provide free guidelines for book suggestions. You will find some sample letters on the page Sample Book Suggestions.

Resources for Book Proposals

It is preferable to get book suggestions by e-mail as an attachment in PDFs. This is what your book suggestion should contain. When you have already made a book suggestion with these items, but they are in a different order or the section headers have different titles, that's okay. Summarise your book projects, estimated number of words, why you have ( or are writing) it, the reader you want to contact, the state ( "complete manuscript" or "work in process") and how this book differs from other similar titles.

Which book categories are they - healthcare, science, education, self-help, hobbies, etc.? Does your book address a specific target group or group? You can tell us about competitive books and how your book differs from free information on the same subject on a blog or website. Describe why prospective purchasers want to buy your book in place of or in place of these competitive works.

Describe all the classes, meetings, and workshop sessions you are attending or leading that are related to this book. Are you attending any event, conference or congress where you can advertise your book? Can your book be used in the educational market? Did you arrange for someone to hand in book notes, book blurring or book review?

Please make two sample sections of the book available to give us an impression of your typing technique and its aptitude for the group. More information on how to write non-fiction book suggestions can be found in the following articles:

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