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Frahlingin, Olswanger Literary LLC; specialized in PB, MG, adult articles; tweets about her customers and her books SHLEMIEL CROOKS and GREENHORN. So if you know of any non-fiction agents we should add, please let us know. Latest updates under '' Non-Fiction Agents '.

I' ve not worked with any non-fiction authors in London lately, but I have a suggestion. A Manhattan-based boutique Frahlingur that primarily represents adult non-fiction.

Nonfiction Arts - Madeleine Milburn Frahlingur

This is the best non-fiction that allows the readers to see the realm in a new way. They can tour the globe with non-fiction books, see how humans in different civilizations and life conditions lives (something that NOTHING is to be envied), and how they would have experienced in the past. If you are a prospective writer, you may have excavated a lost chapter of the story or you may have just found yourself in a little-known place: if the assumption is intriguing, the volume will be used.

Nonfiction can be great for researching who you are and what you do. This opens new doors to live and to respond to the unavoidable traps and challanges of it all. Brene Brown's risingsstrong, Pema Chodron's when things case a part and Matthieu Ricard's happiness are full of daily knowledge of the world.

It'?s important to be focused on non-fiction. For Murakami's WHAT I DEALK ABOUT WHEN I DEALK ABOUT ROUNNING, I love how easily he organized a intriguing view of his writing around easy thoughts about his workings. And last but not least: non-fiction should never be dried! I' m as wrapped up in their stories as I am in a novel - sometimes more, because they are truth.

EAT, PRAY, LOVE took me on a trip around the globe; THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY burst my belly.

Frahlingen on the search for non-fiction books - Manuscript wish lists

Helpful composers become successfully publicized contributors. àka V Farm, Literature Agency @CorvisieroLit page. Right & Children's/YA Agency at Madeleine Milburn Literature Agency. Mostly Dogs & Book. Inklings, a Frahlingur affiliate. {\a6}You know, I know, books, I know, I know, books, I know, I know. Frahlingin & Assistent in the team @DGandBTweets . Frahlingin, pancake fanatic, dancing fanatic, parking fanatic, and this is just the beginning.

There''s no limit to what I can do. mg & ya letter agents. nutrition, beers, & dogs personal. creator of #DVpit (tweets at @DVpit_ ) & #EATTHEBOOK (instagram). Literature @parkliterary @parkliterary, active in setting up my lists in MG and YA! Frahlingin and stage manager at @DKWLitAgency Page 2 of 6.

Frahlingin with DMLA & Maior Geo. REPRESENT SFF for adult & YA, plus geekey, feministic, or alimentary none. Primary Literature Agency, VP & Director of Literature Branding @PSLiterary . Frahlingin at mathematician_agency . Frahlingur Corvisiero's operative. Husband, father, wife. Belletristic and non-fiction children's literature with Martin Literature Management.

@PSLiterary President and Principal Representative. Frahlingin, lawyer (contracts, publisher law), mother, prospective yoga student. Frahlingin at @RossYoon Agency. A literary operative for 21 years. Literature spokesman for 1-100 year old people, occasionally a prof. of music. Illuminants, ultramarathon runners and Treppenwitz. Children and YA-Frahling, Bourbon-lover, week-long Challah-baker, heresist, Trekkie, Ravenclaw, mother.

Literature @dkwlitagency #mswl upscale modern & historic literature; Kids & YA; nonfiction story. Frahlingin at @PSLiterary, YA Autor. Agency for @redsofaliterary . President, Talcott Notch Lit. I' m lucky to have great reading. Frahlingin at KT Literature ( Frahlingin at ICM Partners. The @bflagency Associate Agency .

Frahlingin, free-lance author/editor (looking for mystery stories, horrors and narratives ) and Baseballmama, not necessarily in the order of their meaning. Frahlingin & Vice President at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. Literature sales representative at New LeafLiterary, which represents PB, MG, YA and adults genres of film. A horrible & SF freak who likes reading. Agents, readers, writers, globetrotters.

Right Director & Literature Agency at Donald Maass Literature Agency, specialising in business literature for adults and young adults. Associate Literature Agents at @PSLiterary . literary operative. Frahlingin with Frahlingur Bradford. Frahling @AevitasCreative . Dunham Literary's assistent. Literature & international copyright agents at The Privileges Factory (@TRFNews).

Pulitzer Lit Agent Reapping Attracting Newsmen, Bestsellers, Thinkers, Instructors, Mothers, Fathers & More. Frahlingin at SKLA, whose luck is based on the DREI R's: read, run and raid the fridge. Frahlingin at @PSLiterary . Frahlingin at @stonesongNYC . The majority of my works are about television, films, Podcasts and music.

The kidlit w/@mansion street agents. Frahlingin at BookEnds | Subsidiary Rights Director | Violinist | Cosplayer | Anglophile | Geek Extraordinaire | Wine lover | Coffee addict | #TeamMoe |! Literature agency at the Bradford Literary Agency, on his way through the adventure in agentland-- Well, I like good literature. Illuminant @ NLA.

Holloway Literature. Mad about good readings, great footwear and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Irene Goodman, Frahlingur's friend and admirer of literature. Frahlingin at Writers House. Free editorial office, Frahling and Mensch. I am Frahling at @foundrymedia . Frahlingin at Writers House and assistant to Al Zuckerman.

Co-Founder & Agency of Children's/YA at Greenhouse Literary, with offices in the USA and the UK. Sr. Nancy Yost. And I' m an Awesome Aunty. Readers, writers, associates agents at @CurtisBrownLtd (opinions my own). I' m an operative at Red Sofa Literary. Frahlingin, Foreign Rights Manager at @aka_lit .

AAR | Worldwanderer, CO Local | Looking for great hook, good book and pint of teas. Privileges Director + Agent @hardmanswainson .

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