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Free and reduced-price general non-fiction books for a limited period of time. This article describes the characteristics of the latest children's article picture books, a genre that is exploding in quality and quantity. Hard-bitten memoir fans, narrative non-fiction junkies and history lovers: On the way to a theory of non-fiction, the latter camp. Nice non-fiction books, created with interesting topics to inspire your beginning readers.

The best non-fiction books of 2015

"This is a vivacious work whose readers should not be confined to those who do or like to hear stories on the radio." of the spirit, the story and the love." Memories of Judaism and universality, narrated through a house full of literature, its excentric gatherers and the rooms in which they lived.

This is a noteworthy journalistical accomplishment by a Pulitzer Prize-winning MacArthur scholarship holder who crystallizes the last 10 years of conflict and conflict while openly depicting the private lives of a photographic reporter. Environment journalists return with a multi-faceted engagement with the sciences, the arts, technology and even the scent of the rains in time.

Enthusiasts of Latin literature will enjoy this work, and new undergraduates will soon become followers." This celebrated classic provides a powerful story of old Rome that "continues to reinforce our cultural and political beliefs, what we are writing and how we see the rest of the globe, and our place in it".

Best article of the year 2017

"A fun, inspirational, graphic and fun memorandum from an businessman who is not afraid to say it the way it is." A Canadian gastronome, one of the most renowned and prosperous, records the ups and downs of a winning wife in a renowned sexualist business. "This is a strong, violently sincere reminder of a mom and the kid who used to love her."

"Major US story, profoundly investigated and penned with vigour and passion." "An heart-rending memory steeped in sinister humour and composing with real love." "A model article on the civil war and its aftermath." "This is a very instructive, legible and far-reaching debate on how psycology, neurosciences and related fields move away from the quest for emotional fingerprinting and instead ask how to construct emotions."

This is a well-founded, amusing discussion of the predominant opinion that emotions and common sense are contradictory.

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