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Sci-Fi (often abbreviated to Sci-Fi or SF) is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative concepts such as advanced science and technology, space travel, time travel and extraterrestrial life. Sign up for Clarkesworld and never miss an issue of our World Fantasy and Hugo Award-winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine. Prize-winning author of science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction for adults, young adults and children. For a list of the best books on science fiction - books that analyze the genre, biographies and general NON FICTION works on SF. Some of our series are dedicated to general writing, others to the specific problems of science fiction writing.

Science and Non-Science Fiction' Young Scientists' Convention.

People from several different conservatoires in Russia have come to take part. Elena Shevchenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign and Reviewed Literature, said that the KFU first addressed this issue, ???We then hosted a meeting named ???We of Contemporary Science Fiction??? Once again, the event has proven that science fiction is a very favourite research subject for young researchers.

She added that the range of topics is broader this year, as many new science fiction styles and subsets need to be addressed by scientists. In addition to the conferences, a get-together with a science fiction writer from Kazan, Yasmina Sapphire, is planned.

It has published three volumes with one of the largest publishing houses in Russia. Saratov lecturer Ivanova, telling us that her doctoral thesis was devoted to the biographic discipline, she soon chose to turn to something new, and I was a little bit nearer to my university.

As I saw an advertisement about this Kazan meeting, I became interested in meeting other individuals working in the same sphere.??? The subjects of the meeting included Jonathan Swift???s Futureology, Science Fiction fan-fairs in Russia in the early twentieth centuries, Imagination as a World View, modern Russia imagination and many others.

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Sci-fi began at a point in history when the boundary between myths and reality was muddled. Posted in the 2. centurys A.D. by the Hellenised Syriac Satiric Lucian, A True Story contains many topics and tropics that are typical of contemporary science fiction, such as journeys to other realms, alien lifestyles, cross-planetary warmongering and man-made living.

There are those who think it's the first science fiction novel. Some of the Thousand and One Nights,[16][17] and the story of the bamboo cutter[17] and Ibn al-Nafis' theologus Autodidactus[18] also contain science fiction as well. Hugo Gernsback released the first US science fiction journal in 1926, in which he writes: In her much re-printed essays "Science Fiction and Mrs Brown"[162] Ursula K. Le Guin asks first:

"A science fiction author can compose a novel? It may contain science fiction elements: Harte Science Fiction is characterised by a strict focus on precise details in the science, especially in the fields of physical science, astronomy, science, chemistry, ecology or on precise representations of universes made possible by more progressive technologies. A number of hard-working SF writers have excelled as working scholars, among them Gregory Benford, Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey A. Landis, David Brin,[180] and Robert L. Forward, while mathematicians are writers Rudy Rucker and Vernor Vinge.

The most prestigious science fiction accolades include the Hugo Award from the World Science Fiction Society at Worldcon, the Nebula Award from CRFWA and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best science fiction novel and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for feature film.

The Saturn Prize is a remarkable distinction for science fiction film. It' presented yearly by the Academy of Science Fiction, Phantasy, and Horror Film. He has received a number of international prizes such as the Canadian Prix Aurora Prizes, local prizes such as the Endeavour Prize at Orycon for works from the Pacific Northwest, a number of sub-genre prizes such as the Chesley Prize for Fine Arts or the World Fantasy Prize for Imagination.

Its first science fiction novel, The Comet, was released in 1930. 191 ] Over the years, fanfanzine print processes have evolved from hectographs, mimeographs and doitto machines to state-of-the-art photocopiers. Today's books are either sent by e-mail or on computer printer or in copy stores.

With the advent of the World Wide Web in the 1990', the fellowship of fans of science fiction and related mediums grew by orders of scale, with tens of hundreds of thousands of websites, and then virtuallyions. Most of these pages are small, volatile and/or very tightly focussed, although pages like SF Site and SFcrowsnest provide a wide variety of science fiction testimonials and critiques.

Studying science fiction, or science fiction law school, is the process of critically evaluating, interpreting and discussing science fiction books, films, new medias, fandomy and mafia. Scientists in science fiction are studying science fiction to better comprehend it and its relation to science, technologies, policy and the arts. There is a long tradition of science fiction research that dates back to the turn of the twentieth-century but later the science fiction research became established as a subject with the release of the scientific periodical Extrapolation (1959), Foundation:

International Review of Science Fiction (1972) and Science Fiction Studies (1973) and the founding of the oldest organisations dedicated to the studies of science fiction, the Science Fiction Research Association and the Science Fiction Foundation, in 1970. Since the 1970', the scope has expanded significantly with the creation of further magazines, organisations and meetings with links to the science fiction fellowship and science fiction programmes such as those provided by the University of Liverpool and Kansas University.

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