Non Fiction Writing course

Non-Fiction Writing Course

The aim of this course is to encourage and inspire students to write and edit their texts. Regardless of how much expertise you need to share, writing can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. Sites like Medium and Longreads have inspired a revival of creative non-fiction - a compelling, leisurely writing that holds true ideas and cha. An excellent introduction to all prose and non-fiction books. Publishing industry navigation, both for novels and non-fiction.

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The goal of this course is to motivate and inspirit the student to compose and work on their texts. Courses of interest? The purpose of this Non-Fiction Announcement Night Course is to give authors faith in their capacity to produce good, clear and effective metaphorical work. It is designed to help them learn to efficiently organize their use of living metaphorical speech and to create both long and shorter works.

This brief course, conducted by an award-winning author, will help you evolve your creative and thought critique and editorial abilities. The course, which teaches over 10 night courses a week and is conducted from our main London office, provides specialised instruction and the versatility of part-time work. Nonfiction of all kinds (memoirs, biographies, travelling, history, sciences and politics) is welcome.

This Narrative Non-Fiction course aims to stimulate and inspirationalize through group discussions and single tutorials.

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Written biographies, travelogues, autobiographies and essays: Discover the many types of imaginative non-fiction in our part-time classes. The City Lit writing undergraduates often continue to read or publish. Be it writing for self-discovery, as a testimonial or to tell your own tale, you will find out how to get going and what autobiographic writing is all about.

In this brief course you will study the fundamental aspects of writing autobiographies through memory, journals, photos, dreaming and imagination. If you want to write for self-discovery, give testimonies or tell your history, you will find out how you can shape your work in an atmospheric and energetic way.

Discover various autobiographic sources, from journals to fantasies, reminiscences and more. During this six weeks course you will be able to design and create a memory that will echo and be inspiring. This is a supporting workshops for authors of autobiographies (including fictionalized works or poems). Applicable for those who have a current study and may have taken autobiographic writing classes.

In this one days course the most important functions of the book are introduced. Investigate stories such as memoirs and the Sachroman. Conducted by a qualified and experienced bibliographer, this introduction course will cover the most important technologies of this fascinating game. Writing letters is more than just talk about the weathers.

Whether you are sending your letters by electronic or conventional means, this brief course will help you create more inspirational correspondences with friends and family. During this six weeks course you will be able to design and create a memory that will echo and inspirational. Put this section on your waitlist to create notifications and we will notify you when new classes are published there.

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