Non Fiction Writing Contests 2016

Non-Fiction Contests 2016

It is open to all fiction and non-fiction writers. Distinctions 31.08.2018; The Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction 31.

08.2018. The first prize is US$1500 and the guest judge for 2016 was Caitlin Horrocks. We' re having two contests now! and a creative non-fiction essay competition.

There are 5 writing competitions for young authors

These are some literature competitions with dates to come. It is open to all fiction and non-fictionists. WHAT: Kurzgeschichten, Kurzgeschichten, essays, memoiren, Fotoessays, grafische Geschichten, all kinds of literarischer non-fiction books and extracts from longer works of fiction and the non-fiction book. Contributions must be previously unreleased, must not be longer than 15,000 words and must not have been previously selected as a prize-winning, shortlist or honorary recognition in another competition.

The first prize is $2,500, the second prize is $1,000, the third prize is $500 and up to ten contestants will each be awarded $100. Submissions will be accepted for release and are qualified for the $4,000 Storytelling Award. It is open to authors under 35 years of age with a non-published non-fiction book on a globally and/or multiculturally relevant topic.

Has to have a previous publishing (article, essays, op-ed) in a local periodical or mag. WHAT: The entry must be an originally previously unreleased non-fiction book (essay, memoirs, general non-fiction, etc.), which has been composed by one individual in English and has a length of 8,000 to 80,000 words. WHY: $10,000 award plus the chance to have your work published by the prestigious authors and publishers Marie Arana, Manuel Gonzales and Johnny Temple.

Iowa Award for Non-FictionWHO: It is open to previously released and unreleased non-fiction authors. WHAT: A brandnew yearly award for literature articles from the University of Iowa's Non-Fiction Writing Program and the University of Iowa Press. The winner will receive a publisher's agreement with the University of Iowa Press.

Authors who did not publish a novel at the date of filing. WHAT: Fiction and narration articles up to 7000 words. Writer of fiction, essays or poems. WHAT: No more than 25 pages for fiction and non-fiction. WHY: $5000 price in every category.

Nonfiction Competitions | Chanticleer Book Review - Competitions & Competitions - Re-direct - 2018 and 2019 Writing Competitions - Chanticleer Book Reviewers

The Chanticleer Book Reviews is looking for the best book with real tales of adventure, living happenings, one-of-a-kind moments, travelling, personal travels, world illumination and more. We' ll test and select the best of the best for you. Chanticleer's price package includes: Chanticleer Reviews will give you a strong promotion push in top of all the tapes and insignia and money prizes we will shower you with:

We can also present your product at fairs, as we present our products at national and international exhibitions and meetings. They can be scripts, self-publications, indie publications or traditional publications. Please note that all publications must bear the ISBN/ASIN name, and that no manuscript must bear this name at the date of publication.

Works that have been released before 31 December 2016 will be ineligible. There must be more than 50,000 words in your work. More than one work can be entered in a competition. Competitions are founded on meritoriousness and the art of writing. Please note: You will get a verification e-mail after you have submitted your work and payed the entry fee via PayPal.

We will also get your PayPal adress. Should we have any queries or objections, we will get in touch with you within 72 working days of receipt of the entry. They should get a verification email from PayPal and Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media.

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