Non Fiction Writing Competitions

Nonfiction writing competitions

Non-fiction books, including works of personal or journalistic essays, memoirs, commentaries, social and political criticism, history and biography. Margaret and Reg Turnill competition. Unlike before, however, this article will only focus on writing competitions, i.e. short stories, novels, flash fiction, poetry, articles, essays and creative articles.

You are an author of creative non-fiction? Annotated list of publishing and writing competitions for the non-fiction category.

competitions in writing

There is a large number of writing competitions, including a complete listing of journal, books, chapbook, audiovisual and videocontests and competitions from independant publishing houses, literature journals, alternate journals and writing conventions and festival. Prime-number magazine. Whoa! 53 Word History Contest. Fiction. Shorthistory & Poetry Awards. Fiction, poetry. Quarterly deadlines in January, April, July, October.

Submitting your work

Please feel free to submit previously unreleased scripts of any length, from shorts to full-page serialisations. The Narrative publishing house is a regular source of fiction, poems and non-fiction, which includes fiction, novel, novel extracts, novelists, essay, humour, drafts, memoir, literary biography, commentaries, reports, interview and feature articles that are of interest to the reader, who enjoys story-telling and fanciful fiction.

For all information on how to format manuscripts, how to format words, how to pay authors and other guidelines, please see our submission guidelines.

in 2018 writing competitions: Ultimate Guide

It can be a challenging and time-consuming task to find the right writing competition for you. So I Googleed the word "writing competitions" and got 126,000,000 results. That' s why we have put together a complete and up-to-date listing of the best writing competitions in 2018. You are here because you are looking for trustworthy writing competitions that give you money and/or the opportunity to present your work to more audiences.

Explore the best essays, poems, novels and shorts for fiction and non-fiction authors. Exclusion of liability: Most of the description of the individual competitions come directly from the website of the respective competition. Entrust your work to these competitions to gain recognition, awards and, of course, money awards.

Are you fighting to get your play ready before the contest is over? With Sprinter, our non-distracting writing instrument available on-line. Have we missed a writing contest? Also known as the National Award for Writing, the Marfield Prize honours the writer of an excellent non-fiction volume on fine art, whether it' s graphic, literature, media or performance.

The award, endowed with 10,000 dollars, is intended to honour outstanding achievements in the field of art writing for a wide public. You can choose from a wide range of disciplines (visual, literature, performative or medial art as well as interdisciplinary works). Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literature Excellence honours Louisiana's esteemed story teller Ernest J. Gaines and inspires and recognises up-and-coming afroamerican fiction artists on a nationwide scale.

Launched by Baton Rouge Area Foundation donators, the prize is now in its twelfth year and is recognised on a national level for its mission of increasing the profile of aspiring A. A. fiction artists while broadening the public for this work. In order to apply for this contest, the author must fulfil a number of requirements.

This is a novel or compilation of shorts which will be released in 2018. Winner must be ready to take part in the January 24, 2019 awards presentation and education activity this weeks. The Wergle Flomp Humour Poetry Contest is looking for the best humour writers of our time in its eighteenth year.

$1,000 in money prizes and the winner's website will be given to the most amusing of poems each year. This $4,000 storytelling award is given each year for the best novel, extract, poem, drama, graphical history or non-fiction book ever written by a new or aspiring author in Narrative.

Winner and finalist of this acclaimed prize have won the Pushcart Prize, the Whiting Prize and the Atlantic Prize and have been featured in Best America Shorts Stories, Best America Non-required Reading and others. Incitt is "the world's first reader-driven publishing house. University of Pittsburgh has awarded the Drue Heinz Literature Prize 2019 for a compilation of feature films.

It is endowed with $15,000 and is published by the University of Pittsburgh Press under its standards agreement. This competition was launched in 1981. Kingsley Tufts Poetry Awards - located at Claremont Graduate University - is a competition for writers who already have an ingrained work.

It is one of the most prestigous awards a modern writer can win, this competition is endowed with a high cash purse of 100,000 dollars. The Kingsley Tufts are the world's biggest cash price for a unique volume of poems. Kingsley Tufts Poetic Awards, The Kate Tufts Awards, are a competition for promising writers who have not yet published their first work.

Though much smaller than the Kingsley, the Kate Tufts Awards is worth $10,000. Glenna Luschei Poetry Awards are given its name after the writer, journalist, editor, business woman and philosopher Glenna Luschei, who has also donated the Prairie Schooner yearbook. Your generosity justified this year' s distinction.

Glenna Luschei appreciated the use of her name for the prize for Africa's poetry in appreciation of her priceless work. Glenna Luschei Prize for Poetry in Africa is presented each year to a novel edited by an Austrian writer in the past year. The writer will receive a prize of 1,000 US$.

The Panafrican Prize for Poetry was created to encourage the development of English or translated Panafrican poesy and to honour an important annual publication by an Austrian lyric. Each year, the Sarton Women's Books Awards are presented to female writers who write mainly about female writers in memoirs, non-fiction, modern fiction, historic fiction and young adults.

This prize programme is nominated in honour of May Sarton, who is known for her excellent services to women's literary work as a memoiric, writer and poem. One of the most prestigious competitions on this prestigious shortlist is the O Bheal Five Words Poetry Competition. Rather than opening annually or even every quarter, this competition is conducted on a once a week basis.

Five words will be published on the competition page every Tuesday at midday (UTC) from 17 April 2018 to 29 January 2019. The Ron Hubbard World of the Future Contest is an occasion for new authors of sci-fi and phantasy to have their work assessed by some of the master minds in this area and to be explored by a broad group.

New Voices Award is a writing contest for colour and nationals. This prize is awarded for a children's illustrated textbook by a colour author or a local text. The New Voices Award, launched in 2000, encouraged colour and country of origin novelists to present their work to a publishing house that is proud to promote new talents.

In the past we have released The Blue Roses, among others, winners of the Paterson Prize for Books for Young People; Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: Sammy Lee Story, a Texas Bluebonnet Master List collection; and It Jes' Happened: As Bill Traylor began to draw, winners of the Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Award Honor.

This Bakwin Award honours full-length works of fiction, novels, short stories or memoirs by an female writer. A $1,000 fee will be paid to the winners and the winners will be announced by Blair. No less than 83 rd yearly Anisfield Wolf Books Award honours exceptional works that help to understand the concept of racial and ethnicity.

The award goes to fiction, lyric and non-fiction. This $10,000 award comes from the Anisfield Wolf Foundation. Your present contest is a nutrition contest. In addition to monetary rewards of up to $100, authors of books for young people are recognized by the world' s Write The World fellows. National YoungArts Foundation recognizes and promotes the best young artist in the fields of fine art, literature, art and performance and supports them at crucial points in their academic and career advancement.

Her competitions for young people cover non-fiction, fiction, plays or screenplays, poems, short films and audio. The young art award winner are qualified for the U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Art Award. You will be accepting non-fiction, fiction, theatre or screenplays, poems, short films and the use of words. Many good reason to take part in writing competitions.

In the first place there is the opportunity to win a money award. Second, it can be helpful to have your name tagged to a favorite literature journal or writing group. Before you take the leap, please carefully review the competition rules. Several writing competitions have limitations in terms of region, ages, sex, ethnicity and number of words.

When you have found what you are looking for, do not hesitate to write! Competitions are one of the best ways for authors to make their work accessible to a wide public.

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