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Non-fiction summaries

Do you feel there aren't enough hours a day to read all the books on your list? This book summaries of the best-selling books are here to help. Are you looking for good non-fiction books to read? Hello. I run a website dedicated to new and popular non-fiction books.

World' s largest library of accounting book summaries.

Can you summarise book summaries?

I am Niklas Goeke and I believe that everyone should study from the best textbooks in the whole wide range of the word for free. I am a novelist and trainee during the days, but in the early morning I am a book-eating, information-compressing, knowledge-sucking computer - so you can get wiser in 4 or less mins.

I' m reading a collection of the world's best non-fiction and book summaries with the Blinkist application. I' m writing 3 main lectures and what I think about the resume or book. The most important points of an whole book can be digested in 4 or less mins. That'?s it!

By 2016 alone I have authored 365 book summaries. That'?s right, a book review, every night, for a year. I have been publishing new summaries every Thursday at 2 p.m. in the middle of Europe since January 2017. Can you summarise book summaries? I read a book review and then sum up that it may still seem like a cap on a guard, but I don't agree.

I' ll wager it's difficult for you to take the necessary amount of bookwork. Me too. Especially when I want to study so many books: I' d learned about quick reader technique, where you skip around and just skip through a book and select a chapter. I' m still picking at the same rate, just choosing a little more.

If I buy a book, I don't want to just buy a part of it. So I was very lucky when my flatmate sent me this stack of social deals where Blinkist gave away free for 3-month. Blinkyist is a subscriber services offering book summaries of non-fiction literature. It was in the mornings that I began to study her 15-minute summaries.

But, as always, my whole existence took place, and finally I was too occupied to spend 15 min. each other. When you want to be between work, food, doing the washing, eating well and keeping in shape while taking your free moment for your wife and your beautiful friend (or boyfriend), then you know what I'm all about.

I didn't seem able to make a reading habitual. Look at this great Gandhi tale by one of my favourite writers, James Altucher: I also think about it. When I can't take the 15 minute long period to study, I may have to take 30 instead.

That' s exactly what I'm doing now - and to make sure I keep to it, I've made it my business to put something that will help you every reading. to make you more or less smart in four or four minute! The summaries are concise and do not take more than 4 mins.

These are no substitute for the longer book summaries about Blinkist, let alone the whole book, which is why I give advice in every of them. Would I like to see the full abstract of this book about Blinkist? Would I like to have a look at the current book? That'?s really it.

If you ever choose to receive a Blinkist account or buy a book, I would be happy if you would use the links at the end of each review, which means that I will receive a small referral fee at no additional charge to you. Maybe that's not your thing.

You can also take a look at my book or the four-minute audio books. In case you don't know what Blinkist is and how it works, you can find out everything about the application here. You can also suggest a book, of course. Have a look at some book summaries! Let's get wiser in four-minute!

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