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With this genre you can query an agent with only one structure and some example chapters. The Sandstone Press is a publisher of fiction, non-fiction and e-books. Authue Publishing offers customized publishing services exclusively for non-fiction. An independent publisher of art, photography and other non-fiction books - Home - Bookstore - Shopping Cart - Checkout - My Account - Shipping. Bess Press, Inc.

; Allosaurus Publishing House

Where can I find a frahling for non-fiction?

Here is how to find non-fiction authors, what types of non-fiction they are looking for and how to give them what they want. Why are authors of non-fiction looking for? Every agent is looking for the same thing: sellable scripts that could make a living. While specialized or scholarly non-fiction is out of the question (in which case you need a suggested reading to submit an offer to publishers), non-fiction authors are looking for:

There is no demand for travel guides in subsidiary fields, regional historical literature, and biographical information on little-known topics. Though they may not be sold for enough to make it worthwhile for an agency to engage, these are good sellers. It is okay to contact the publishing houses directly in such cases.

Produce a consummate inquiry brief and a brillant summary. How can you find non-fiction authors? Only very few of our operatives specialize in non-fiction. The majority of Frahlings are engaged in literature and non-fiction, as well as literature and comercial work. There are some specialized non-fiction agencies, but you are better off looking for a good general-purpose one.

I' ve been selling four nonfiction myself, it didn't cross my mind to change to a'specialist', and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gotten a better result if I'd done it. It is the agents' qualities that are decisive, not their specialisation in a particular field. When you need a recipe log, or how to reserve your nutrition, you may well want an agency that specializes in this alcove.

For more information, use the agents' web sites to help you identify who is interested in what and see this guidebook on how to find a frahling. But how can you give frahlings what they want? First you have to choose what you want to present to the operatives.

Belles lettres, you always have to type the whole script. In the case of non-fiction books, you often get away with submitting a suggested reading to the agent, i.e. a short summary of the text you want to work on. When your product is strongly story-led (true of most memoirs, for example), you would be advisable to accomplish the concept situation before deed.

Powerful, well-loved, fun typing (even if your topic is very interesting, folks won't want to hear what you have to say about it if you don't like it. Use it for the magazine industry. It' obviously, but most non-fiction is not made for the paperwork. Third ly, if you are repulsed by frahlings (non-fiction authors or generalists) - or if you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity before you get close to them - then get expert counsel.

We' re the ones who help get non-fiction printed. This is how you find a frahling for non-fiction. Produce a consummate inquiry brief and a brillant summary.

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