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We are a non-fiction publisher who carefully read and edit the works of our authors. You' re not going to find a non-fiction publisher that is more focused on your success. What is the best way to secure a book contract with a publisher? It' not about having a great book idea. Self-publishing services for non-fiction.

Nonfiction - Book publishers

These are our list of non-fiction editors. Those editors produce non-fiction. The information in these directories is provided by the respective authors. Please do not hesitate to ask the editor if you have any questions about the information provided here. These lists can help you if you want to post works published by non-fiction authors.

It' important to avoid piracy and publication practice. Before you submit your work, you should research all of them. For help or if you have a question about these topics or best practice for publication, please email Every Writer. Releases hardcovers and TRAPERBACK original and reprint books as well as e-books. Published 10-15 printed title per year, 10-20 ebook-only title.

Receive 40% of novels from first-author; 90% from unauthorized-author. Pay an avarage 14% license fee on the wholesaler rate for printed literature, 18%-50% on egbooks. The Blue River Press published its first volume in early 2004. Nowadays we have more than fifty printed textbooks and ebook on sport, healthcare, fitness, gaming, popcultures, and travelling.

We are an indepent media for e-books, organised as a private corporation in the State of North Carolina. To date we have released three novels, a brief history and six chapters of a sci-fi fancy show. The Cambron Publishing Group LLC ("CPG") was established with the conviction that professionality, commitment and endurance are the pillars of our business-creation.

Avenue Books, Inc. Headquartered in the UK, we provide publishers, designers, editors, sales and marketerservices. Please note that we are accepting contributions from new and seasoned writers. Once you've cast your mind and your spirit into a tale you want to tell the rest of the planet, your publisher experiences should be an thrilling venture, Figroot is an independent newspaper that releases four a year.

Our publications include lyrics, translations, short essays, works of arts and photographs, and we are a medium-sized publishing house with the private touch of a small journal. Each writer is part of the creative side of the game, and each work is a treat with reverence and awe. The Joffe Company offers full-length literature, which includes literature, romanticism, horror, thrillers, mysteries and thrill.

We specialize in the publication of works by various writers whose information can educate, challenging and inspiring their writers to broaden and broaden their awareness. The Kharis Publishers, an impressum of Kharis Media LLC, is an independent'traditional' publishers headquartered in Northwest-Arkansas. Have Kharis help you become a public writer - even if you don't have a big name awareness or name.

Korero is a publishing house located in London. We spur on real histories that provide information and inspiration. Most of our lists are made up of popular art, Leo Publishing is a licensed small publishing house. At Leo Publishing we recognize that there are many gifted but undetected writers. Welcome to Mason J. News and Review.

We are an independent, independent and local based company (Vancouver, Washington). The Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC is an independent small publishers currently receiving inquiries in the following genres: Ink Smith Publishing's Impressum is based on the following. We have the same ideas and tradition here at Ink Smith Publishers.

We' re trying to get great writers and great works together that we want to see on the open air markets. No matter if you are an original writer for the first book or well established in the business, just as much as we do, we are looking for those who are interested in their work.

The company produces printed and e-book versions of its work. Our distribution partners work with us to launch our accounts in domestic and foreign countries. Like Ink Smith Publishing, we work with our writers in an open manner and are connected to all forms of media such as e-mail, Facebook and copywriting. This may not be the conventional way of communicating that other publishing houses use, but it allows our writers to answer these fervent queries as quickly as possible.

In addition, we offer our writers the devotion we put the most effort into. We' re a paid publishers that offers an initial installment of 13% for printed book and 18% for ebook. We' re not such noble titles, and we' re an independant editor of an ebook. We' re proud and thrilled to be part of the new movement in publishers that is changing the way we sell and what our work is.

is a 35-year-old literature publisher. There are 350 publications presenting the work of almost 500 authors, both nationally and internationally. Every year tens of thousand emerging authors send their works to agencies and publications just to learn that there is no place for the "new", children and all genres are welcome.

Please submit a bid for your project with example sections. When you have a storyboard, please submit the whole work. "SBP is a member of the Strategic Buch Group, which has over 1! Thousand writers in all categories in the last 24 month, among them children's literature.

Strategic Bookto-Film Group also owns Kindle and eBoook Consulting, Writers Services, a Book-To-Film Divison and a worldwide international copyright group. When asked what Strategic can do better than the competitors, their chief executive replied, "Frankly, our books sales team is better than anyone else. Since 2012, The Places We? ve Been, LLC, is an independant publishing house devoted to the literature of the manifold experience of people.

Places We?ve Been's mission is to work with several new, challenging authors to create, publicize, promote and disseminate outstanding works. The Thought Collection Publishing is an independent publishing house that supports societal transformation through our non-fiction narratives.

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