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It is one of the best things about writing a non-fiction book is that you can often "sell" this book to a publisher before it is actually written. We' re an adult non-fiction publisher and enjoy reading manuscripts from potential new authors. The Chronos Books is a historical non-fiction book. We' re interested in non-fiction books and essays on most topics. Twenty publishers are looking for non-fiction.

"The Crisis Point" by Senator Trent Lott and Senator Tom Daschle

Bestsellers and award-winning non-fiction books, from memoirs, biographies and histories to political, scientific, educational, nutritional and sports. Her new book Crisis Point: Wherefore must we - and how can we - overturn our shattered policies in Washington and all of America, former Senators Trent Lott(R) and Tom Daschle(D) have come together from across the corridor to ring a warning on the present polarisation that has made the settlement all but impossibly in the United States.

Backed by her own career histories and quotes from deep U.S. histories, Crisis Point is an inestimable work that comes at a crucial time.

non-fiction publisher

You are the writer of a non-fiction book? Then we can release, sell and sell your book for you! We can offer you a complete publication and promotion of your book(s). He is the creator of 27 best-selling self-help and corporate non-fiction titles.

We' re experienced in making the most of your non-fiction! Your work can be published in eBook, Hardback and Audio format within 90 or less working hours (provided your work is fully revised and operational). We will let you know if your script needs to be adapted, revised, edited or proofread before publication.

By submitting your non-fiction book for publication, our editorial staff will check your script and give you in-depth commentary and positive feedbacks so you can see exactly how you can do this. We' ll not hurry up a project just to meet a date when the book isn't finished.

We' re proud to get your book into the reader's hand quickly, but first and foremost, we want to make sure we do the work well. Currently, we accept entries for non-fiction in all important market and niche areas. There is a 10,000 words limit for non-fiction (with few exceptions).

Our non-fiction publications are one-of-a-kind, precious, educational and enjoyable. Below are some of the niche and market areas we are particularly interested in (click on the link for more details): Do you have any publication-answer? Here you will find our complete listing of frequently asked publication FAQ. Which kinds of non-fiction textbooks do you release?

The company publishes non-fiction in all important sub-genres and recesses (see the sub-genres that interest us most). So if you have a non-fiction book or a serial or are working on it, please feel free to get in touch with us here to see if it is a good idea for us to do so.

Are you willing to take unwanted non-fiction text? Yes, we currently accepts unasked scripts in all non-fiction and fiction market. How will you be publishing my non-fiction? Browse non-fiction about Amazon Kindle in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan, India and many other and more. Printed book will be available throughout North America, Europe, parts of Asia and possibly other parts of the world if our distributors are interested in shipping your book.

Audio books are released in the US on and are available worldwide from Audible, Amazon and iTunes, the world's biggest online audio booksellers. What is the amount of money I will receive for the publication of my non-fiction book? When we make $10,000 in royalty on your book, you will receive 50% of that amount or $5,000.

When we make $5,000 for a five-year contract to licence your book for francophone usage, you will receive 50% of that amount or $2,500. It' as easy as that: for every buck your book earns, you get half (3-5 times more than what a conventional publishers pays). Do you offer any of the following publishers' activities?

Our company is an independant full-service publishers. This means we are able to offer every kind of services you need, from ghost writing and development editorial to publication, and more. Is my book going to be available on foreign countries? I' ve previously either had my book printed or my book has been printed by another company. Yes, provided that your agreement allows you to change, we can re-publish your book and market it for you.

In any case, if you have already released your book yourself, you can change to us immediately. When you have your book with another company, you must check your agreement to see if you still own the copyright to your work. Should you have any queries about whether a former publishers is controlling the copyrights to your work, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

What is the best way to enter my non-fiction? Just send us your typewritten script in any desired electronic form by e-mail. When your script is in a different data type, just get in touch with us and we can find a way to work with it or transform it into a usable data type. In any case, if your script was written on a typing machine or by hand, we will want to type it into a computer text processing system so that we can process and make it public for you.

Please fill out the following enquiry sheet or e-mail us at[email protected] to get in communication with us about the publication of your work. Please fill out the following enquiry sheet or e-mail us at[email protected] to get in communication with us about the publication of your non-fiction work.

Isn' t your book yet finished for publication? Have a look at our free instruction manual for authoring a non-fiction book!

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