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In case you haven't already done so, please read the Nicholl Fellowship introductory article. Micheal Werwie just won the Nicholl Screenwriting Contest. It is now possible to apply for the $35,000 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 2018.

Applicants for the renowned and profitable Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Don and Gee Nicholl Fellow'ships in Screenwriting are now possible for 2018. Up to five scholarships worth 35,000 US dollars are given out annually in this annual screenplay contest. Scholarships worth a total of US$4,265,000 have been granted since 1986. It is open to authors from all over the word, regardless of their nationality.

Introductory notes must be the work of one or two authors who have worked together on an equal footing and must initially be in English. Compiled scripting is not eligable. Scholarships are for new and/or hobby scriptwriters. To qualify, a participant's overall income from film and TV productions must not be higher than $25,000 by the end of the competio.

The prerequisite is that all scholarship holders finish at least one new script in the year of their scholarship (the Academy does not acquire any right to the work and does not take part in its commercialization or other aspect of its business future). Each year, up to five scholarships worth 35,000 dollars are given to talented new scriptwriters.

Besides the money award, the Nicholl Scholarship winner will be selected for award presentations and workshops in November. Candidates must hand in an unadulterated text. These scripts must not be less than 70 pages and no longer than 160 pages. To deserve its author an Academy Nicholl Fellowship, the briefest scenario was 80 pages long, the longest 153 pages.

Writers can take part in the 2018 contest up to three events; a participation charge must be paid for each individual script. Each script will be reviewed at least twice in the contest. Approximately 15 per cent are harvested a third reading. Approximately 5 per cent of the submissions will make it to the quarter-finals, approximately 2 per cent to the semi-finals and approximately 10 to the finish.

Candidates for the Nicholl Fellowship should write in masterscenes without a name. Skripts should not contain scenenumbers as they are usually found in screenplays. Please refer to the script reformatting manual for more information. Please check the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences website for more information and review the FAQs before you complete your submission.

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