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Shop online for stationery, magazines & notebooks from a wide selection in the Books Store. Books - Shop by category. Don't deface books, even with beautiful handwriting or profound messages. As I remember, my agent said the plot was fine, but all the characters were way too nice. You must be prepared to write several books before you can see real results.

12/ Books to read when you just like really nice writing because sometimes a small dose of brilliant language is all you need

If you are looking for the information or advise they are offering you, there are some books you will probably only be able to find because it seems like everyone else is and you don't want to be omitted. Then of course we all recall the books we have been given just because they were given to us during one or the other year.

Then there are the books that you are reading for no other purpose than to nourish your souls - the books whose lids you are lifting just because you really enjoy pretty writing. They know the kind of books I take about: those with turns of words so hypnotizing they have to linger over, or phrases you need to note down dead to recall later (or, you know, use as a source of inspiration for your next tattoo.) These are the books that remain with you as a readership.

They are also the books you will always tell your best friend about, but NEVER give them for lending because you will never get them back. I have some books you need to include if you already have your own bookshelf (and I know you do). There are 12 books to look at here, if you just like nice writing.

You have to postpone until January to get your literature on this one, but Sunil Yapa's first novel is perhaps the most beautiful one I' ve ever seen..... and if you haven't seen it, I've seen a lot. Being a Muscle the Size of a Fist recounts the tale of a unique daily - the 1999 WTO protest in Seattle - with so stunning and fascinating essays that you will vow to tell poems.

Yapa draws on meanders, elaborate, full-bodied images, interrupted by jagged one-liners, for an addictively stimulating reading. It'?s a pain. But I can't say enough: just do it. The novel is a novel based on poetry and telling the tale of a couple's romantic ism, from the moment before they met to their heart-rending, unavoidable end.

Featuring Jimmy Santiago Baca on the site, the emotive roller coaster is so vibrant you'll think he's writing about your own interrelations. But I really think Romeo & Juliet has some of the most wonderful typefaces ever put on the site.

It' almost not possible to distinguish just one of Wally Lamb's books from the others because of its particular elegance, but if you really have to do it, then She's Come Undone is probably the one. As Dolores Price's dad left his wife for another wife, Dolores' lives got out of hand. Lamb is breathtaking and impeccable.

The memoirs of Tracy K. Smith are as pretty as one would have expected from the poetess who won the Pulitzer Prize for her volume of poems Life on Mars. Her own tale about her mother's sickness, her parents' experience during the civil rights movement and her own discovery of what it means to be a dark lady and a female author in America is not only nicely told, but also narrates a nice (albeit sometimes painful) storiet.

One of the most wonderful first words in literature is repeatedly attributed to this novel: "Years later, when he was facing the execution detail, Colonel Aureliano Buendía remembered the far afternoons when his dad took him to see it. "A hundred years of solitude tell the tale of the Buendías, who established the picturesque city of Macondo in Colombia and were later afflicted by unhappiness, misfortunes, catastrophes and persecutions.

From the perspective of nine different personalities, And the Mountains Echoed tells the tale of 10-year-old Abdullah, whose three-year-old brother and sister Pari is marketed by the siblings' dad to a feral Afghans who have no children. This novel, which combines each of the stories with a very nice piece of fiction, will make you think about the way how teams of relatives are sacrificing each other and disappointing each other.

In this novel, the final tale of Los Angeles is told through the eyes of innumerable personalities - some who appear for a single instant and others who just remain around long enough to make you go crazy and rupture your hearts. Bright Shiny Morning, wrote in a rough, beautiful tongue, investigates why so many are attracted to the Western world as Los Angeles does not keep the promise of its almost mythic fame and why humans remain in the cities so long after it has disappointed them pathetic.

Sheba and Mahtab Hafezi are 11-year-old babies who live in Iran but desperately want to go to America, which was mythologised for them by editions of LiveMagazin. When Saba grew up under the Iranian Muslim rule, she imagined her twinning sister's future elsewhere. One teaspoon of earth and sea is an amazingly written tale about your loved ones, your destiny and your fantasy.

Yhumpa Lahiri is a modern genius of a brief history and writes with a calm tempest of fiction so reflective and full of symbols that you want to investigate each one until you are almost certain that you have found everything that Lahiri has for you. As Marie-Laure LeBlanc goes completely unnoticed at the tender ages of 6, her lone parent ensures that she does not only grow up as self-sufficient and cultured as possible, but also with a powerful awareness of the beauties of the visible cat.

Featuring an apparently hassle-free mix of Malayalam (one of the Indian -speaking local languages) and English, Arundhati Roy, the first author, talks about the experience of two brotherly twin s-areas: a tale of Indian Kerala County: a tale of life: Rachel and Esthappen, who are separate as kids due to difficult familial conditions and do not re-unite until they are thirty years old.

This God of small things will make you think about how even the smallest things in your world can sometimes really prove to be the most important things.

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