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Associated Press uses software to generate news about company reports. Synthetic intelligence software for the enterprise that automates the writing or writing of reports by the power of natural language generation. Poor News/Good News: Writing a book will always be difficult, and the best writing software in the world won't write your book for you. Dedicated blog hosting services can host blogs, or they can run with blog software or on regular web hosting services. Creative Writing Center for writers and storytellers of all genres.

Now this news-writing bottle is free for everyone

Associated Press uses software to produce news about company reporting. While Fox automatically creates some sport chapters that appear on its Big Ten Network website, Yahoo uses similar technologies to produce customized fanciful sport reviews for each of its members. You can now turn your own information into a story - no more writing required.

Automated Insights today released a free betaset of its new free services using Wordsmith, the underlying story generation technologies for businesses like the AP. Automated Insights, like its rival Narrative Science, usually works with large clients to produce the artwork that the Wordsmith software completes.

With this new feature, everyone can build their own custom design and load into it. Firstly, load a spread sheet or other structural dataset. Automatated Insights converts the various cells in your Spreadsheet into a variable that you can insert into the text you have created.

Let's say, for example, you are working with a table of monthly sale datas. If the number in the table column containing the overall revenue for the current calendar month is larger than the column in the first calendar month, you can produce a new one. You can also convert the quaterly number into a tag that can be taken directly from the pricing table.

If you format the spreadsheet quarterly in the same way, you can use the reference every three month. Obviously, you still need to know what kind of information and what kind of changes in that information you want Wordsmith to convert into words. However, once you find out, the utility looks like a useful way to unload the least worthwhile writing assignments onto a computer that has nothing against boredom.

Googles is financing a new software development program that will help you write messages locally.

The Google awards the Press Association, a major UK newswire, 805,000 dollars for creating software to help computerize the writing of 30,000 live histories per week. It comes from a Google Global News Initiative funding program, which the major European news channel has pledged to spend over $170 million on promoting eInvent.

Sponsorship was given to the press association in association with Urbs Media, an automated software start-up company specialising in searching large open records. The press association and Urbs Media are working together on a software product called radar, which represents journalists and data and robots. The aim of this technology is to automatize reports with large governmental or criminal prosecution authorities' large database - essentially by robotizing the work of reporter.

Tales from the information are written using Natural Language Generation, which transforms the information gained from the information into words. This scholarship provides funding for five reporters to help with the identification of records and the curation and editing of news items created by radar. It is also aimed at creating automatic ways to integrate pictures and videos into robot-based storytelling.

In 2014, The Associated Press, a large U.S. newswire, began using automated software to report on companies' results for the year. Every three months, the AP publishes tens of thousand tales using its robot reporters. However, the AP generally automatizes the creation of histories that do not need to be researched.

Three-month revenue is vital to economic journalists, but it is often a question of dividing and matching new figures from the enterprise with previous profit accounts. On the other side, the radar projects is planning to address topics of community importance by searching for significant histories in records of governance.

Such a news assessment requires a profound knowledge of interrelationships in society, politics and the world. It is likely that the winning formula will be the work of the journalist teams working on the film. Yet Clifton says that at a heightened pressure on print and web publishers, this kind of automatic coverage can take a long way to uncover important issues - albeit with fewer individuals implicated in the entire story.

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