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conspectus Sign up as a publisher and select how you would like to post your article. These are all done in the News Publisher application. Refer to News Publisher Help. Select the publication methodology that best fits your publication style, your CMS and your company. Generate and post your article in News Publisher.

For information on how to use this way to create and publish items, see the News Publisher Help.

The Apple News Publisher: All you need to know!

The Apple News Publisher is the utility for creating and publishing Apple News application on the iPhone and iPad. News Publisher, open to anyone with an iCloud bankroll, lets you do everything from manage the publishing of your publication's brand to publishing your article directly to your own website. Find everything you need to know about Apple News Publisher.

What is new in Apple News Publisher? Players can now take full benefit of Google's DoubleClick ad serving system to place adverts in Apple's News Apple. Currently, HTML5-based DoubleClick adverts are not available to Publisher, nor are pre-rollideo adverts. Players still cannot use DFP to place pre-roll adverts against their content on Apple News, nor can they place HTML5-based adverts.

At the moment it only works for displays, according to Apple, even for GIF animations. There is also a limitation on how much publisher can advertise on Apple News when it comes to target. This is in line with Apple's anti-scary publicity practices, but it could restrict publishers' capacity to resell their Apple News inventories to marketers who are used to locating consumers on the basis of all types of information they can gather about them both on and off-line.

Can you tell me what Apple News Publisher is? The Apple News Publisher is Apple's utility for enabling users and publishers to post their news in Apple News. It is an iCloud app, and you can register for Apple News Publisher if you have an iCloud acco. After you have signed up, you can always get to News Publisher by going to the homepage and click on News Publisher.

What is Apple News Publisher? First thing you need to do is go to the News Publisher's website. You will need to log in with your Apple ID and then set up your chatroom. Type the various information you request, as well as a name of the channels that match the name of your publishing or company.

The News Publisher also asks for your details. You must then be admitted as a publisher by presenting at least three papers for evaluation. Once you' re cleared, you can have your story posted on Apple News. What is the best way to publish my story in Apple News? You can use News Publisher to get your News on Apple News in two ways.

First you can write your own News Publisher items. A new item can be created directly in the publisher by selecting from various template, typing in text and pictures and selecting title and subtitle. And if you're already publishing to a blogs or other web site, you can use the Apple News API or a plug-in to link your current CMS to News Publisher.

You must submit at least three items from your CMS to News Publisher, after which you can check what they will look like in the News application on iPhone and iPad. Do I need to authorize all items I post on Apple News? After you submit your first three items to create your own custom affiliate program, you can post the remainder of your contents without Apple's permission.

Which file types are supported by Apple News Publisher? New Publisher publishes in two publication types, Apple News Format (ANF) and RSS. ANF items can be produced directly in News Publisher or with your latest CMS. To use RSS, you must select the RSS news publisher and ask for it.

It is possible to change from RSS to ANF at any moment. It is a presentation of your publishing in the news application. Everything you post to your News Publisher on your newsroom will appear in Apple News on your iPhone and iPad. If you have more than one publishing, you can set up more than one publishing house.

An article in news is like a article in a paper or on a news website, something like politics, economics or sports. Whilst each publisher has a standard section, you can always use the News Publisher to insert more. You can also use News Publisher to include up to 25 paragraphs, with Apple recommending six to eight paragraphs as a desired area.

Is it possible to give other persons permission to view my work? Adds members to your Apple News Publisher. You can assign these members different publishing functions, such as administrator, editor-in-chief, editors, distributors or viewers, and they can all be given special authorizations. An administrator in News Publisher can change a member's status at any given tim.

In addition, admins can remove members at any given moment. When you need to cancel an invite to your publications, you must do so before the member will accept it. Will I be able to modify my Apple News items after they're out? Once you have authored an item in News Publisher, you can directly work on it, while items that have been authored in an outside CMS must be editor.

Or you can remove any design or posted item, although it may take a few moments for it to be removed from Apple News. May I keep certain items at the top of my Apple News posting? Up to three of your posts can be advertised in each section of your paper.

As a result, these Apple News items are moved to the top of the dedicated section, ensuring that your reader will see them when they open your pub. News Publisher provides in-depth analysis for Apple News format based content stream. These include things like how often an item has been divided, how many individuals have "loved" an item, and demographics.

When your canal has a subscribe feature, News Publisher will also tell you how many of your unrepeatable people have one. Many of these are available at both the item and duct levels. May I have advertisements in my publications? You have two ways to advertise your publication: you can either advertise it yourself or Apple can advertise for you.

You will need an Apple Developer Program membership if your publishing is in Apple News format. Will Apple take up part of my advertising income? Selling your advertisements yourself means you keep 100% of the revenues, while you keep 70% of the revenues if you let Apple advertise for you.

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