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submittals Please read our entry policy before submitting your entry. Most of the works we produce are either initiated by us or acquired through prior interaction with the writer or an organisation the work with. However, we sometimes release completely unasked to do so and welcome requests from writers, prospective writers, agencies or organisations looking for a publishing house or co-editor.

Although we are accepting unasked entries, we will only receive entries that satisfy all of the following criteria. Contributions that do not contain all required items will not be checked or sent back. We ask for your understanding that publication rulings are complicated and take much more than rejections.

Do not call us if you have sent us your suggestion; we will then get in touch with you. Selling our work to a North American audience through sales representatives in Canada and the United States, as well as through online advertising and the United States. We do not release works that just catalogue what is going on in the realm; we release works that show that we can take over our life and make a difference - and suggest how we can do it.

While we believe that literature, poems and children's literature can have an important place in society, they need other skills and another form of promotion that we cannot offer; please do not send in such works. To better understand what we want to publicize, please read our website thoroughly, with special emphasis on the key topics mentioned on the "Books & Authors" page.

To improve the chances that your suggestion will be well received and thus increasing the chances of us publishing it, we ask you not to complete the script until we ask for it, but to provide us with a suggestion that will answer the following questions:

300-500 words, what is the volume about? Please tell us what you are entitled or authorized to do. We are interested in both experiences and qualifications.) Have you already written a number of publications? Please tell us something about them - cover, topic, previous publishing house (if applicable) and estimated retail figures.

When were they released and how is your textbook similar or different? Is it really going to profit the whole wide planet to spend limited funds to write another volume on the topic? Are there any absolutely unique features of your textbook? Who do you think you are the public for the work?

What are the 5 or 10 most important papers it could appear in if you could serialize or review it? We' re selling back to writers at a lowdown. If you need to start with how many of your own work? Is your textbook going to be commented on?

How soon should your volume be ready? Entries are welcome by electronic means, but will only be considered if they comply with all our above mentioned standards. All mailings should be sent to:

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