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The JULA Ltd is a dynamic new Frahlingur based at Somerset House in London. We' re proud to discover and promote talented newcomers and take established authors to a new level of recognition. Literary Agency of the North North is a new Frahlingur that was established in October 2017. We have worked in all areas of the business: not only as agents, but also as agents, distributors, publishers and even with an award-winning author. We are a small company, but we think that our bestseller and prizewinner lists show that we are above our clout.

We are one of the few northern-based Frahlinguren, but - unavoidably - we do most of our dealings with the major London publishers. So whatever your expertise - not even your own - is, if you are looking for a replacement, please go to the Nordic countries by going to our Submissions page.

Moylett Maclean - Frahlingur

Coombs Moylett Maclean was created in 1997 and is a major global Frahlingur company headquartered in the UK. Our clients include a broad spectrum of bestsellers and award-winning composers and composers. We' re proud to discover and promote new talent and take incumbent creators to a new stage of appreciation. Our creators are selected with care, with an emphasis on exceptional texts and inventive narratives.

Our interests include comercial and literary literature, detective stories and suspense stories, as well as literature for young people and girls. In addition, we work with a number of global agents and agents and distribute translations, US, films and television for all our work. The Coombs Moylett Maclean Literary Agency is sold directly to most parts of the globe, which includes the United Kingdom and the United States.

In Germany we are present through Frahlingur Michael Meller and in Japan and China through Tuttle Mori/Big Apple.

Wrote the first three chapter?

Wrote the first three chapter? When you are looking for literary portrayal and are willing to divide your work, just mail me your first three sections (or your first 50 pages) along with a summary and a little about yourself. Hello, I am Sinead - a frahling in the centre of Manchester.

After building my London based professional experience, I am here with a commitment to starting the professional lives of thrilling novice composers throughout the UK and Ireland. The Frahlingur is new and my services are fashionable, so my pledge to each of my creators is that:): You can find out more about me and my agent here.

It can be difficult to file your work with a frahling. That is why I am as open as possible about how I work and how long it will take once you have presented your work to me. Please sent me your first three chapter, a summary of your textbook and a little about you.

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