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The new Frahlingen are looking for customers

Wellcome to the official website of the renowned Frahlingen and book publishing consultant Peter Beren! Approximately 8 establish Frahlingen are looking for customers active There are eight women who are looking for customers. Notice: A full listing of tens of new and existing active customer-seeking agencies can be found here. Danielle began her publisher careers with her well-known review books and essays, many of which can still be found on There's ABooks. She is an auteur, literatist, flute player and film fan.

She has also judged the Cybils Awards in the Pictures and INSPYs and various other write contests for three years. She used to be an operative at Red Fox Literary. Consideration will only be given to entries from photo books, spring readers, books for chapters, books for young people and illustrations.

E-mail a request and include your script (ten pages for fiction, full text of the illustrated textbook for early readers) in the text of the e-mail to Prior to coming to Adams Literary, Lorin Oberweger worked for more than two dozen years as a freelance journalist and ghost writer, and helped publish hundred-of....

Particularly known for her individual stories and workshop for authors of all kinds of literature and inscriptions. She is a much-loved conference presenter throughout the nation, many of whom have appeared at various meetings of Scwi. A prizewinning writer, Lorin has authored for a number of magazines, and her ghostly works ordered by big publishing houses have been enthusiastically acclaimed by the New York Times and Kirkus Reviews.

She is co-writer of BOOMERANG, REBOUND and BOUNCE under the pseudonym Noelle August. She is looking for intermediate and young adults in every gender with a penchant for soft topics, more edgy and dark work (although she also likes a "feel-good story") and personalities who either realize themselves or promises self-realization right from the onset.

She began her carreer as a partner at Gelfman Schneider and ICM Partners before moving to Irene Goodman in 2016. It is interested in both middle-class as well as middle-class, youth and adults books. After graduating from Newman University in her home town of Wichita, Kansas, where she studied and worked with underage writers in the fields of science, politics, journalism and creativity, she studied and worked to refine her profession by using writers' studios and retreats, networked through meetings and collaborated with critics' writers.

Anything she' s looking for: Thriller, excitement, romance, mystery, coincidence, changing stories, adventures and more. She' s not interested in: eroticism, translation into other languages, ghosts, LGBTQ, historic fictions, unless she is exceptional, or works with exaggerated secularity or erratic. Prior to Aitken Alexander Associates, Chris worked for six years as an operative at Greene & Heaton.

Anything he' s looking for: Literature and non-fiction, includes memoir, natural literature, sport and other non-fiction. Before he joined Rodale, Schmidt was VP of Marketing and Advertising at Running Press, Weinstein Books and Atria. She has also run her own PR and marketing company, KMSPR, where she has worked with New York Times best-selling writer Buzz Bissinger, former WNBA gamer Chamiques Holdsclaw and authors J. Courtney Sullivan, Alissa Nutting and Dawn Tripp, among others.

Anything she' s looking for: She is looking for storytelling articles, memoirs, popular art, healthcare and wellbeing, life style and selected women's music. A Columbia Publishing Course alumnus, Monika Woods worked at Trident Media Group and InkWell Management, where she worked in close collaboration with some of the world' premier authors of modern music.

She is looking for literature and books of non-fiction in the fields of literature, business, food, populary, literature, news and more. Particularly enthusiastic is Monika about action-oriented literature, creative-critical non-fiction books, one-of-a-kind perspective, a great cookery book and above all inventive essays. Malpas has been in the field of publication for more than two dozen years; before she joined Frahlingur Jennifer Lyons, she was an agency with Harold Ober Associates and before that with Knox Burger Associates.

The Pamela collection includes works in various classes of narratives and fictions. Anything she' s looking for: A fictional (literary and upscale advertising, criminality and tension) that investigates ethical issues, familial dynamism and people. Narration articles in the fields of historical, nature conservation, art and cultural life. It does not consider non-fiction in the areas of popular literature, self-help or functional non-fiction, nor does it consider scientific fiction/fantasy, romanticism/eroticism, youth or YA-faction.

You' ll find more typing resource, which includes free competitions, announcements, useful hints on how to get an agen, customer-seeking agencies, as well as publishing houses that accept scripts directly from authors, hints on how to sell and support your work, how to set up your on-line portal, how to get your own review, how to post yourself and where to find the right job for your work on publishing... and other forms of madness.

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