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So in sum, you will find a literary agent in your genre looking for new customers (or at least open to them). Have a look at each agent's profile for their wish list and submission guidelines. So what are we looking for from our potential customers? What is the fit of Frahlingen into the ecosystem of the new book publisher?


MSL Rom-Coms in YA. MSWL various comedies ("Adults" and "YA") for ever and ever. To All the Boys I've Love Before week-end trou dans mon c?ur. Vicki's #MSWL, but who can resent me if I don't? MSWL various comedies ("Adults" and "YA") for ever and ever.

To All the Boys I've Love Before week-end trou dans mon c?ur. MSWL various comedies ("Adults" and "YA") for ever and ever. To All the Boys I've Love Before week-end trou dans mon c?ur.

The new Frahlingur is looking for customers: Literary Root

Honold Root is the Foundress of Root Literary, which opened in 2017. Before opening her own office, she worked for Waxman Leavell Literary, Trident Media Group and William Morris. Her Los Angeles customers have included the New York Times best-sellers, RITA global best-sellers, RITA award winning and nominated authors, and a number of publications added to Publishers Weekly, The Washington Post, NPR, the American Library Association, RT Book Reviews, Kirkus and Amazon's list of best book of the year.

They represent writers of adult and children's literature as well as selected non-fiction books: I am particularly interested in the sophisticated implementation of business conceptions; I would also enjoy an inverted home tension (my tastes lean more on the home side, a la Liane Moriarty-I find the interaction of personal relations, if they are well done, just as strong as espionage).

Intermediate class fiction: Young-adult fiction: Women's Fiction/Chick Lit: A perfect pool outfit is a matter of beaut. SF/F: Please mail me the song, which could be a big success with your neighbour, who is reading four novels a year, as well as with the hard-core fan of the generation - I like the general business reading.

Every goddamn singles front, every goddamn moment I tell them my whole goddamn lists are full, somebody's making a lie out of me. Stop being so inventive and clever, dear writers! I am particularly interested in romanticism, which fits into other categories. I like a good high-concept hooks in all areas.

I have a smaller book listing and therefore more difficult to classify. Haggerty is Frahlingin at Root Literature and represents children's and adults' business literature. Her main focus is on literature, romanticism and women's literature. She joined Root literary in 2017 from Waxman Leavell Literature and Gersh in Los Angeles.

If you are just a bit more surprised, a bit smarter, funnier or curvaceous than I expected, I am fond of them. All along the line I search for rooms and scripts to be studied in a session. I' m inclined to associate myself with a keen eye for place, good writings and a side jumping vocals, and loving reading that mix styles or try out new and interesting ways of telling stories, whether that means toying with the form or betting a new twist on a proven trump.

I' m on the modern side of things looking for an intelligent, fun, romcom (bring on the banter!) and would like to find a romantic that would feel bigger than it is. All along the line I like siblings and found-family tales, powerless romances and everything that is about friendships. A few of my favorites are Laini Taylor's daughter of Smoke & Bone, Robin LaFevers' Grave Assassin's Trilogie, Elizabeth Wein's code name Verity and Jandy Nelson's I'll Give You the Sun.

I am particularly interested in friend tales and children's book that are interested in their interests, be it room, arts, magic, monster or muffins. Romanticism & Feminist Literature: Forget it. I' d love to get me a book that's great for the beaches. I am always looking for intelligent, amusing, voice-controlled designs to be added to my project lists - the more enjoyment and escapism, the better - and have a propensity for reading that blurs the boundaries between romanticism and female/general business clichés.

My customer Sally Thorne's The Hating Game is a good example of my tastes here. In Romanticism I am primarily looking for a modern or a large, hooked historic set (moreso as para-normal or romatic tension at the moment, but never say never!). I have a preference in women's literature for multi-generational histories and everything that has a historic aspect that is still important and important today.

I' d like the textbook you can suggest to your mother, your best boyfriend, neighbours and teacher all at once, as well as textbooks that are just great music... and well made. I am active in setting up my customer lists and would be happy to hearing from you if you think we could pass!

Frahlingin Holly Root introduced over two dozens of New York Times best-sellers before she founded Root Literature in 2017. Our agency's customers profit from our agents' tried-and-tested ability to identify talents, negotiate favourable offers and promote our accounts - from filing to publish-. Our customers are offered comprehensive knowledge of the sector and individualized, strategical thought to enable each writer to identify and follow his own one-of-a-kind road to prosper.

What we do is what we love, and we do it best in partnerships with writers who associate skilful story telling with the urge to create a permanent work. We work very close with Holly and Taylor, often managing back and forth assignments and sometimes sign customers together, so we welcome inquiries from the general office.

Specifically, if you ask one of us, please enter the name of the agents in the reference line of your e-mail. Our work does not consist of scripts, poems, novels, shorts or storybooks.

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