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Recent famous books and authors

Knowledge of famous books and authors is important for general knowledge. Q: Who is the author of the book New India? The vision for the new millennium, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam & Dr Y S Rajan. Maybe one of these books will be your new favorite. New hope, new fears, Ravi Velloor.

There are 5 famous books that authors regret letters.

A writer's world is hard. It is not always sunny and rainbow from the receipt of millions of Hollywood films to the receipt of the legendary literatureýstatus. Although these five authors have attracted much interest and in some cases criticism, their iconographic works have been deeply regretted. Surprisingly, the 2005 Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal was influenced by a novel by Annie Proulx.

Proulx' pioneering tale, first published in The New Yorker in 1997, provided an sincere and moving account of same-sex loves at a period when America was at a low point. Although Proulx's work was ground-breaking for the open depiction of LGBT romanticism, she has a hostility to the fictional fans who invite the history and the adaption.

Proulx says the supporters have rewritten the end of the storyline, which in the end has undermined the whole meaning of the dramatic events. "Wish I'd never made history. It' only the cause of anger and trouble and irritations since the movie came out. Everything was fine before the film," she said in 2009 in an 2009 review with The Paris Review.

"They can' t endure how it ends - they just can't endure it... you can't believe this is not about Jack and Ennis. "If you' ve ever seen Steven Spielberg's 1975 movie Jaws, I guess your infancy was devoted to shunning seawater. It is an icons movie based on a 1974 novel by Peter Benchley.

The novel as well as the movie show a gunfighter dogfish chasing guiltless swimmer. "I now know what was not known when I texted Jaws is that there is no such thing as a villainy dogfish that grows a flavor for humans," he said to Animal Attack Files in 2000.

"Benchley is said to have been writing "Know what I know now" in 2006, just before he died. Initially published as a protest against the Vietnam War. Since then Powell has repented after seeing its impact and has tried to get it off the shelf, eventually without success. He made the history when he was only nineteen years old, using army handbooks published and stored in the New York PUB.

Although the assumption of the work can seem too many to be extremely radical, it came during a period in which US men were recruited into the Vietnam war, a process that many Americans did not approve of. "I was motivated simply: I was persecuted by the US army, which seemed decided to sent me to Vietnam to struggle and possibly dy.

I think we have managed to do it in a way that goes far beyond what I thought was possible at the time," he said in The Guardian in 2013. Posted by Lewis Carroll, née Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, and released in 1865, Alice first got criticism from adverse writers in Wonderland, but later became popular at the end of the nineteenth cen.

Perhaps Carroll's most famous work is the phantasy novel, although it is not his only one. Whilst the admirers adore the tale, Carroll despises it. When it became more and more fashionable, Carroll found himself in the open, of which, as it turned out, he was not a big supporter. "In 1891, in a correspondence with a fiancé, Carroll wrote: "All this kind of advertising means that foreigners learn about my true name in the context of the books and are pointed out and gazed at by other people.

"In 1985, Burgess writes in a short autobiography about D. H. Lawrence: "The most famous or only known novel is a novel I'm willing to reject. "which seemed to exalt sexuality and violence."

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