New Children's Book Publishers

The new publishers of children's books

New York-based Abbeville Press is an independent publisher of fine arts and illustrated books. Canadian publisher of children's books, mainly picture books. Recent publications, children's basketball books! For more information about our new imprint and the current publisher's price click here. Many questions from new authors appear in my mailbox.

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Literature

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Boks is a magazine for booksellers, educators, parents and others interested in new children's literature. Bulletin is a selected magazine that reviews about 900 of the more than 5000 specialist literature for young people every year. The audited accounts contain both recommanded and nonrecommended securities.

Please consider the following if you are interested in sending a book to The Bulletin for review: Merchandising and bulk book only will be used. Do not test any textbook, teaching material, audio book, e-book, DVD, toy, activity book, video, app, application, electronic publication or magazine. We are currently unable to check contents on flashdrives.

Although we do not examine "vanity press" publications, we are encouraging small and alternate publishers to submit them. As we do not check any of the titles that are only available by post order from the publishing house, we ask you to provide the mailing list with your reviews. No reprinting is checked and published. This bulletin is aimed at reviewing the book within a few and a half weeks of its release, starting one and a half days before its release date.

Preferably we have reviews of hardcover or F&G's, which means that we get reviews at least three month before the release date. Our tests do not come from shallow watercourses, manuscripts or non-printed (electronic) resources. All that is needed is a copy of the box, the f&g or the hardcover book, and a hardcover copy must be produced after publishe.

The Bulletin retains ownership of all material entered and will not return it. In the case of reviews, please indicate: each issue's cost and ISBN, estimate of number of pages, date of release and e-mail of one of the contacts. We do not ask you to ask if and when a book should be checked, although a call or e-mail to verify that we have obtained a book is okay.

When a book is appraised, a copy of this book will be sent to the publishing house approximately three months before the publication of the book revision. PDF and printed versions are available on demand. Please provide your postal adress if you would like to receive printed versions of the book review sent to you. Specialist textbooks on children's literature, literacy and libraries are catalogued and/or checked on a month-to-month basis under the heading "Professional Connections".

" The prerequisites for submitting a book are the same as for children's literature. Please submit reviewed issues and any kind of drafting correspondences to: Bulletin of the Center for Children's Booking 501 East Daniel St. Our magazine is available on-line through the Muse project.

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