New Books by Famous Authors

Recent books by famous authors

"'Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the coast." While not every reader is an author, every author is a reader first. The author and illustrator Sam Kalda shows some of these cat-friendly men who give an insight into their lives and their pets in his new book Of Cats and Men. Depentes is France's most famous villain author. It is the daughter of N.

S. Madhavan, the famous Malayalam writer.

Eight lesser known books by very famous authors

Many authors have one or two books for which they are so famous that hardly anyone knows they have ever written anything else. Now you have no more excuses not to know. Continue reading to find out more about eight books by famous authors you probably never knew about.

The last novel he ever written, this one is about counterrevolutionary revolutions in 1793 during the French Revolution. Though Shelley is best known for Frankenstein's work, she has written other books. He did, however, author many other lesser-known books. You should check out his non-fiction. It is a reminder of his period as part of the city' s poverty in London at the beginning of the 20th cent.

This is Alcott's best known for Little Womens, but this is not the only one that she focuses on females and their sex-specific limitations. A semiautomatic novel about a young lady who tries to help herself by working during the new period of industry that took place in the 19th cent.

Though known for The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne's books were not all that gloomy. Whilst this novel is not as troubling, Orwell is still as sociocritical as ever in this man's fight to flee a materialist life that adores honorability and moneys. Well-known for Midnight's Children, a work of magic realistic.

Although aimed at a younger public, this work still contains the same magic realistic.

Fifteen new books by the famous and famous

It is not enough to be an actor, singer or dancer. Famous books provide another way into the life of the famous and famous and give us a better insight into where they come from and how glory affects them in person. There are some fantastic new celeb readings on the horizon this year, among them Tell All Memoiren, and more.

Memoirs, novels or humour, we like it when our favourite celebrities spilt their teas and publish a new one. There are 15 new publications by prominent authors we can't await: She has never been frightened to give her opinion, which is why we are so prepared for her frank and moving memoirs of January 30.

This latest work is a guideline for your best imaginative 24 April time. Their memoirs, which will be published on April 3, are a feministic anthology of essays on her work. We are clearly excited about this volume - we chose it for our 2018 ideal reading-centre! This bachelorette celebrity is returning with another sincere and sincere look at her dated world.

This music theatre symbol shows everything in its new memoirs of 6 March. It was right you heared - former Clinton and power pack writer Patterson teamming up for this fast-paced policy adventure story to be released June 4. A New York Times best-selling writer, Commedian Hughley comes back with a useful satire that aims to address racial relationships in our present world.

Stand-up co-median and TV presenter Florentine gives the reader an atmospheric (and hilarious) look into his spirit, full of swear words over the web, facts about his own lives and why exactly everyone is horrible. On February 27, Useen is an investigation of Yates' work on documentaries and an open view of his past work.

Ramsey, MTV's Décoded celebrity, talks about the things that have taken her to this point and what it means to have these hard talks in her new May 22 essays series. Tournament Dance Champions and stars of Dance with the Stars offer the reader an insight into his Ukrainian lives and the happenings that have lead to his global reputation.

Out, March 6. Jayne has lived a rather interesting - and sometimes even conflicting - lives, from song to dance to marrying The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Their memoirs, Forty Mess, will be released on March 20. These memoirs of famous Yankees jug, Guidry, also known as "Gator," or "Louisiana Lightning.

After the intensive ups and downs of his years as a pro gamer, Gator will be available on March 20. However, her fights go beyond that, as she courageously betrays in her new memoirs of April 3. Will there be a prominent people's novel you want to publish in 2018? The closing date for entries is 31 January 2018.

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