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New Authors Impress Award | Impress Award

Price 2018 is now closing. In its twelfth year, the award was established to win and promote new votes. Previous awards have sold the copyrights worldwide and the short-listed have been pleased with several bookstores with Impress. Authors send Impress a 6,000-word random sampling of their manuscripts, a summary, a reason for publication and an author's bio.

The Impress jury will draw up a list and send it to an outside jury, which will determine the winners. It is open to all writers who have not yet been publishing in the traditional way (this makes suitable self-published writers or writers who have written other works such as shorts, poems and scientific works).

Roberta H. George's The Day's Hate won the Impress Prize for New Writers 2017.

The work of our team of advocates promotes the authors' right and their capacity to make a livelihood in a rapidly evolving world.

The work of our team of advocates promotes the writers' right and their capacity to make a livelihood in the evolving publisher world. Here we are committed to copyrights, freedom of expression, anti-counterfeiting and other topics that are of key importance for today's profession. Protecting copyrights effectively is the cornerstone of intellectual property rights: it allows writers to livelihood.

However, we also acknowledge that copyrights are not absolutely. The aim of our new campaign is to rebalance the relation between writer and publishers and to help writers generate a real profit for their contribution to the book's publishing collaborative venture. At the same time, we want to help publishers to make a better use of the book. The twenty-first century Copyrights Office is essential for a well-functioning copyrighth.

While the Copyright Office provides important and efficient service to writers with the available means, its structure, financing and US administration are remnants of the analogous age. This is where you'll find the latest information about the state of the publishers and what we're doing to make sure typing stays a vibrant occupation at a time of great work.

By finding that Google's copy of billions of copyrighted works was a reasonable use for developing its lucrative Google Book programme, the courts neglected to recognize the harmful effect that uses such as Google can have on royalty payments and the authors' possible revenue. We have obtained definitive agreement to our collective complaint brought on our behalf in the name of tens of thousands of free authors who have been remunerated by large papers and journals for the one-off use of their items only to see their work in computer data bases without further reimbursement.

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