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These are the most important books that every woman should read, the authors who matter. Canvassing > News from the Guild > New Books from Members. Jane and Carl Bock Jane and Carl Bock have published a new book, The Swamp Guide: More information about our book publishing program. The editors and authors are leading scientists and experts in their fields from all over the world.

Whatever you get.....

Are you willing to release your book? We' ll prepare your book for printing and digitally published (e.g. as an eBook), we' ll make your book covers and support you in designing your book or novel. Anything very important to a new writer or any writer really, Ms. Hughes was very stimulating and insightful.

The editing work of New Book Author is precise and detailed. Her book will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell Books and many other dealers and publishers. It is not enough to publish a book, authors also need to market themselves. We' ll hand in your book to important professional magazines, advertisements in printed magazines, catalogues and more.

If you have your book in our or an external publishers, we can help you. We' re a publishers, not a distributor. She was the pro, so she was very useful to make sure we had everything we needed to prepare and sale our book.

Your courtesy in working with us when we were authors for the first one was very upbeat. She was a simple person to speak to and a pleasure to have a chat with whenever it was necessary. "I' ve asked Erica H. for service. She's very sincere, competent and well-trained. and not familiar with all the work.

Charges and Service

We' ll prepare your book for you and send it in for publication. CHARGES AND SERVICES: In addition, we provide consulting and feed-back to authors looking for help in packing their work. Enhance your book for sale as an eBook and send it to your dealer for delivery. Complete your copyrights form (the creator is liable for $35 copyrights to the U.S. Copyrights Office).

Writers can make their own artworks/illustrations available or we can link the writer to an illuminator who works directly (with the author) on the artworks for the book. There' s a very small charge per illustrated work for the illustrated work, which can be arranged according to the kind of work required. Please let us know if you are interested in audio-books.

Writers can collect and pack their book on CD or as an audio book to sell or stream to websites. The authors must tell their stories in a photograph that fulfils certain criterions. While you know how to reformat and release your own book, you need genuine, positive comment.

We' ll advise you and give the authors sincere feedbacks on the packing of your work. The authors are trained to keep you up to date on the publication processes. It is our aim to help you to create a book of standards. Supplementary merchandising services: Processing times may differ according to the length of the book, the method of processing (editing or general editing), the number of revisions or the number of customers.

A finished (formatted and/or edited) book is delivered to the medium customer within two week. However, this can also differ according to the service you are interested in. Please refresh your script and send it in at a later date.

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