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You can publish your book on Balboa, New Age Book Publishing Company. Area of expertise: New Age, holistic health, women's studies, spirituality, ecology. The books for celebrating and healing the earth. We have a diverse group of readers representing many age, professional and demographic categories.

â??Metaphysical Book Publisher Listâ - Click here to get a Metaphysical Book Publisher.

Below is a listing of some of the publishers who have written metaphysics in the past. However, it does not mean that they currently have an interest in releasing them. I' m just offering you a way to start saving you a little bit of space.

Imagine that some of the publishers may not be interested in something transcendental at this point, but you will only know that when you do. I will also make available, if possible, a hyperlink to the publisher's website, which should contain contacts if you are an emerging metaphysicist.

After all, this is by no means a comprehensive listing. All I wanted to do was give you a listing of some publishers you might want to get in touch with. Posted book example: I' ve ranked Hay House first because they are the best metaphysics book publishers currently available. As a matter of fact, methaphysical novels in one way or another is all they do.

Ever since they were founded, they have written numerous volumes by methaphysical writers. Posted book example: It is another publishing house that mainly deals with methaphysical and New Age literature. This is obviously not a full listing of methaphysical book publishers, as I have already mentioned. But I will continue to expand this mailing lists in the near term, as I have plenty of research and additions.

You should also be provided with your personal details on all publishers' websites. There you will find the latest update to this page, as well as some of the latest metaphysics related information. "If you have a Google metaphysics book publishing house, you're sure to find other pages that list other publishers I've omitted.

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