New Adult Literary Agents

A new literary agent for adults

The new literary agents (with this spotlight with Whitney Ross by Irene Goodman Literary Agency) are golden opportunities for new authors because everyone is a literary agent who is probably building his or her customer list. I' ll bet most agents representing YA are open to NA. New adult's ascent At the beginning of 2009 I mainly subscribed my first New Adult script as a pastime but I could also see that students and young postgraduates were undersupplied by large publisher. While there were tales from that time that were writing and a great deal of space for them, we still felt the early big YA booming (among other distractions), so not many people in editorial and bookstores had cause for concern, let alone to spend the valuable ressources needed to make NA into one thing.

Before it was hardbacked and distributed to a New York based company, it took almost 3 %#*$& years. The New Adult authors, while the editors resisted, had taken over the self-publishing by meeting this demand with inexpensive (and sometimes free) e-books and found a good result. Some of them appeared on best-seller listings in 2012 and were resold in large dealings to major distributors.

Of course, I found it much simpler to resell my own NA programs, as do many other fellows.

"and there are some coming paranormal and sci-fi new grown-up novels." Yes, NA is not only one thing, but it also begins to deal with a little of the variety that is necessary for it to continue to exist as a powerful, enduring class, such as YA, MG, or evenult.

I will teach HOW TO RITE AND SAME NEW ADULT with Writer's Digest on line today. There is a great deal to report, and I am also looking forward to all these reviews of manuscripts. It is my pleasure to see people writing what they like, taking chances and taking the effort to make things work.

In the end, New Adult is a great achievement for the writers.

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