Need a Story Idea

Do you need a story idea

Have you ever thought about using Facebook, Twitter or even your email for story ideas? Find out how to get an endless supply of prompts to talk to you. Do you need an idea for your next novel? With this guide you will learn how to generate stories from nothing using a variety of proven techniques. See if your story idea is good enough to turn into a whole novel.

What do you do with story ideas?

Maybe this can also be formulated differently: "Where do the story concepts come from? "There are story-telling opportunities all around us. Anything we see, feel, smell, listen to and enjoy has the power to be a story seeds that blossom into a full-fledged story when well-cared for.

Some of us see this care as immaterial and oppose the attempt to be described or forced into an enumeration of people. For most people, however, full story notions are not like Heureka-making. Instead, the whole story only arises when the idea of "seeds" is soaked and nourished. Instead of awaiting the enigmatic trial that magically creates a story in the rusted bowels of my spirit, I take small thoughts or observation and rub them into a story similar to Orson Scott Card's "Idea Net".

There are stories all around us. Our inner "storyteller" must be engaged and we must look at these circumstances differently. Ordinary people pass by and see nothing more than a "car accident" or "roadkill". On the other side, a narrator sees things very differently. How can we include this storytelling spirit?

They can be in a crowd of individuals who see one of the banal incidents mentioned above and are overwhelmed by a mystic power that throws a story into your womb. It begins with a straightforward question: Let us take the example of a car crash. Here is what went through my head when I drove past the crash.

Suppose a man stopped to help the man in the crash? Suppose the individual who quit is a girl instead? Suppose it's a girl who pulls over to help a man? Still, there's not much to tell. But what if what we see is not an incident at all? If the man was staging the crash because he was aiming at the girl, and he knew that she would feel irresistible attracted to it?

Continue to ask the "what if" questions! But what if instead of an injury it is actually a paralyzed animal on the side of a road/trade route/etc.? Why would the wife stop? He knew that this man with the steed would come at a certain moment and he knew that her job or her own beliefs would force her to do so.

It gets more interesting with every one. We' re gonna have to ask more than that. So how did the stallion go crippled? If the man has somehow paralyzed the stallion? We are now faced with a human being who is evil enough to hurt a defenseless pet to promote his own interests.

So why aim for this particular lady? Now, the lady has a bunch of gold/coin from her work. Suppose the stallion has a kind....characteristic or qualitiy that distinguishes him from other stallions? But what if the lady is a member of a secreted/old company that takes car of these ponies, and the man only knows that because she was his own one?

We have this lady who is alive to save pets from a "bad man" who wants to upset them. So what if their company, instead of guarding the magic steed, is ordered to destroy it? What if... you know. It' all about questions and answers.

When we wanted to summarise these "story ideas" as blurriness, let us take a look at where we started: An equestrian enthusiast stopping to help when she sees a cripple. An evil act is unfettered to wipe the legendary OogalyGoogaly-Pferd out of the kingdom, and only one man can stop it: an ex-husband with a mystery.

Will we be selling a million examples of this story? Her environment will also push the question-answer processes, so it is likely that you will achieve a different goal than I did in this fast and filthy example. Walk through the days and follow the "Idea Net". When you do it consequently enough, you will begin to look at everyday life through the eye of a storyteller.

Once you have reached this point, you will find that the emergence of idea is not the issue..... it is the moment to find the right moment to do it. The idea of an "idea network" was of inestimable value in the early phases of Necromancer Awakening (my bestseller d├ębut novel). So, how do you create story-scripts?

I would like to know something about your trial!

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