National Writers Union

The National Writers' Union

National Writers Union sues on behalf of ebony free-lancers Ebony was unable to reimburse 39 unremunerated authors, journalists and other creators for contributing to his printed or web work. The NWU President Larry Gold Better says that this was the necessary next stage in the struggle to organise freelance workers when publishing houses try to take advantage of them. "Freelance professionals are often at the mercy of the publication they are writing for," said Goldbett.

"They often do not have the trade unions' protection that other employees have, and many are worried that they will be reviled because of the non-payment of funds. When the hashday #EbonyOwes began to develop, the trade unions began organising Ebony free-lance on Twitter. The Ebony Media released a declaration to NBC BLK in which it promised to fully fund all freelance professionals by the first weeks of July.

The National Association of Black Journalists awarded Ebony the Thumbs Down Award (with Fox News) when they could not make up for this. National Writers Union has estimated that Ebony owes up to $200,000 to freelance professionals, but as Goldbetter observes, this is not a one-of-a-kind position for the once announced African-American release.

Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck, P.C., Chicago, is suing on behalf of the National Writers Union.

The National Writers Union - New York Metropolitan Area (New York, NY)

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