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The National Writers' Union

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The final authority in the NWU lies in the biannual general meeting (DA), provided that the UAW is in accordance with its constitutional requirements. Deputies are appointed to the meeting by groups of municipalities for a two-year period of office. TheDA defines the entire trade union strategies and policies, recruits new nationals and creates national working structures to conduct trade union work.

of the National Executive Committee (NEC) is composed of 11 directly from the members chosen officials. NEC manages the union between National Executive Committee (NEB) sessions, monitors union personnel, launches new union activity and enforces strategy, campaign, projects and guidelines adopted by the Assembly of Delegates. The National Executive Committee (NEB) is made up of the 11 National Executive Committee officials and the chairmen of the 17 community groups.

Each year, the NEB will meet to agree the year' s budgets and monitor the application of the guidelines adopted by the Assembly of Delegates.

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