National novel Writing Month

The National Novel Writing Month

I was wondering if I could write a novel before I wrote my first novel, An Untamed State. The preparation for the National Novel Writing Month can make the difference between success and failure. Begin with these tips to write a novel and stay healthy! The month of November is the national month of novel writing! Writers write novels all year round.

The National Month of Novel Writing

I was wondering if I could write a novel before I began writing my first novel, An Untamed State. After I began to read various textbooks and visited writing boards to find tips on writing a novel. I opened the same Word document for month and looked at the monitor in the hope that I would find out in a magical way where to work.

I was asked by my agents on a regular basis what would happen to my novel, and I reassured her: "I'm working on it." While I knew the tale I wanted to tell, I didn't know how to get close to the beginning, center or end. What is the length of a novel? There are a million different responses to this question.) I would rather type in single-column, uninserted sections.

Will you have to work from beginning to end or is it tolerable to skip around history and end up with everything together? What to do with a novel? Is it too explicite? There' s a lot of good book writing advices, but I have tried to find satisfactory responses to my particular question.

Eventually came a period when I chose to disregard all the advices I had been reading and do the only thing I could, namely work. I' ve written what I wanted to do when I wanted to do how I wanted to do it. I' ve written about the novel every individual morning, for an hour, and made this one thing I'd do.

I' m a regular reader of what I've written and reworked. More than six month later, when I stared at one page, I progressed and the number of words crept into the five digits. When I learnt that if you broke 100,000 words, you couldn't see the number of words in the tool bar at the bottom of the words pane, and then I learnt how often I stared at that number of words, because when it wasn't there, I thought I could go mad.

Four month later I have completed a very long design that could be called a novel. As most authors, I was able to compose a novel without express instructions, and that's probably the best thing. That'?s your novel, and only you know how to spell it.

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