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NaLiBOf - Raw diamond. The National Library of Poetry, also known as The National Library of Poetry, has dealt with its deceptive publishing practices. Are you looking for a book from the National Library of Poetry (Firm)?

National Library of Poetry and Amateur Poetry Anthologies

It is one of my tasks as a researcher of electronic encyclopedias to respond to questions asked via the Ask a Library of the Poetry and Literature Center. But by far the most frequent query I get comes from those who try to find poetry they have written, entered a poetry competition and then put it into a poetry collection.

Most of the poetry was written by an non-professional or vain publishing house. Since the eighties, these profit-oriented publishing houses have been very much involved, accepting almost all the poetry entered in their competitions for publishing and earning cash by encourage the victorious writers to buy photocopies of the manuscripts in which their poetry appears.

Firstly, the titles of some non-professional poetry publishing houses are very similar to the Library of Congress. The National Library of Poetry, whose name is often mistaken for the Library of Congress, or, as many say, the National Library of Congress, was one of the biggest amateurs of the 90s and 2000s.

" Secondly, many of these publishing houses are sending e-mails and mailings to winners who are linking their collections to the Library of Congress. Sometimes their correspondences find that the manuscripts are filed with the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, or that the manuscripts receive a "number" from the Library of Congress.

This is often understood to mean that the Library of Congress includes the work in its regular collection or assigns it an ISBN number. As a matter of fact, the National Library of Poetry published ISBNs on its "Anthologies" copyrights pages in such a way that individuals could expect the numbers were provided by or in connection with the Library of Congress:

Copyrights -Seite der National Library of Poetry Anthology East of Sunrise. The library seldom includes these volumes in its collection and is not in charge of ISBNs. Rather, the edited volume is usually recorded at the German Federal Office of Intellectual Property and given a number.

In order to help those who are interested in finding poetry that they have written by non-professional poetry publishing houses, the library has produced an on-line guidebook for non-professional poetry-ethologies. When you are looking for a book you, a member of your relatives or a colleague have entered into a competition or in a collection of poetry, please take a look at the guidelines and see if they will help you find it.

We are also pleased to help you directly: Just send your questions to our Ask a Library Services and we will do everything we can to help you find your poetry.

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