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H H Boyd Publishing Corp. Their book and their series should change the world! Nashville is particularly known for its numerous religious publishing houses. Browse our list of book publishers in Nashville, Tennessee by category. Pages in category "Book publishers headquartered in Tennessee".

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AMG Publishers has become a leading publishing house since its foundation with the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible, award-winning books for young people, extensive references, numerous Bible surveys and pathriotic music. America's oldest Bible publishing house, B&H Publishing Group (formerly Broadman & Holman), offers a large choice of Bibles, Comments and a large choice of Books of Fiction and Nonfiction.

BelleBooks, Inc. was established in 1999 with a special emphasis on American Bible and has since expanded its offering to include a second legal notice - Bell Bridge Books in 2008. A third legal notice was added in 2013 through an takeover - ImaJinn Books.

At present, the corporation releases approximately 70-80 originals per year (print and e-book simultaneously) in various categories, including: Mystery/Suspense, Phantasy, Sciences and Sciences, Young adults, Romantic, General Studies, Women's Studies, Non-Fiction, Literature and more. Publication of textbooks on the subjects of nature's own well-being and wellbeing, as well as vegetarian and cereals. Well, we adore reading.

A good literature, non-fiction and literature encourage comprehension and fantasy, lead us into a new life and show us the truth that we have never known. That is why we are looking for gifted writers and writers - both new and experienced - whose work we are refining, supporting, publishing and promoting. And through their work we want to increase the readership's passion for books, writings, handicrafts and dreams.

Established in 1995, CELTLIC Cat Publishing is an award-winning independently owned publishing house. It is the publishing philosophie of Celtic Cat Publishing to promote new and establish talents through genuine publishing. Situated in the southern hemisphere, Cerebro Press was created with the aim of publishing the best digital literature by America's gifted writers.

Besides Belletristik für Erwachsene Cerebro releases scientif fiction/fantasy for teens/young people. The Diversion Press has been in operation since 2008. We' re a small, traditionally owned publishing house looking for top class titles. We' ve written literature for kids, young people, stories, non-fiction and poems. Established in 1969, Howard in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a publishing house.

It' an impressum of Simon & Schuster, which releases inspiring contents. Established in 1975 by Patricia Wilcox in Binghamton, New York, Iris Press is a small publishing house dedicated to literature excellence and ingenuity. The Mid-List Press produces novels, non-fiction and volumes of poems of high value and creative visions of new and aspiring authors and authors who are ignored, marginalised or banned from publish.

The Mid-List Press aims to improve accessibility to publications for new contributors, promote the development of new contributors and enhance the variety of titles, contributors and readership. The Mid-List Press is a 501(c)(3) non-profit literature organisation. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, a versatile, award-winning publishing house has been creating high-quality, fun and educational textbooks for more than 23 years.

PPA also manufactures consumer products for special needs with a clear emphasis on the gifts industry. R.H. Boyd Company and its affiliate, R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation, are dedicated to publishing, printing and distributing Christian, inspiring and business books, goods and service of the highest standard by applying high ethics and morals, as they have done for over 100 years.

The SynergEbooks office was formed in March 1999 in North Carolina by Debra Staples and has since relocated to the city. In recent years, SynergEbooks has become an integral part of the e-publishing industry and has already been extended to more than 350 CD ROM, audiobooks and paperback with more than 125 printed versions of them.

Editor of mysteries, romanticism, science fi lm, young adults and other literature series.

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