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Non-fiction & Memoirs We are proud of a long history, from New York Times best-selling writer Nando Parrados Wunder in the Andes to Ada Calhoun's St. Marks. Our story and non-fiction writers are writing from the fronts and back office with prominent figures like Nick Offerman and Moby, allison Bartlett and memoirs like Michelle Tea and Rita Coolidge, and illuminate with openness and lyric realms of fiction that have never been seen before.

For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover. For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover. Thirty years later, Michelle McNamara, a real detective reporter, was resolved to find the "Golden State Killer". "and the wreck he abandoned.

Bryan Garner, a lawyer and experienced writer, provides an up-close and convincing reminder of his relationship with the deceased Supreme Court Antonin Scalia, probably the most powerful and contentious Supreme Court judge in almost 30 years. Garner gives an inside look into the lives of one of the most celebrated and misconstrued magistrates in the whole wide globe in this funny, moving and unexpectedly action-packed film.

He is the editor-in-chief of Black's Law Dictionary and the writer of more than twenty novels, two of which contain Justice Scalia. An unsuccessful bikers' group, the alcohol ists and teens who hardly survive in an icecream parlour: these are some of the larger-than-life but all too menschlichen characters who populate Against Memoir, tea's first anthology of journalism.

She is the writer of a number of textbooks which include How to Groom Up, Valencia and How Wave. The New York Times cultural journalist and writer of Made as Hell Dave Itzkoff wrote the final bio of Robin Williams - a convincing portrayal of one of America's most popular and misconstrued comedians.

Robin Williams has been a uniquely innovating and popular performer, from his break-out part in Mork & Mindy to his Oscar-winning appearance in Good Will Hunting. Based on more than a hundred one-hundred independent in-depth family, friend and colleague testimonies and comprehensive archive research, Robin is a refreshing and inventive look at a man whose work has affected so many people.

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