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arrative articles - also known as creative articles or literary articles - are usually defined as articles that use the techniques and style of fiction (characters, plot, conflict, scenography) to tell a true story. Composing articles (also known as literary articles or narrative articles) is a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives. arrative articles come under many names, including creative articles, literary journalism and fact-based storytelling. Non-fiction - which combines good research with convincing, character-based stories - reads like a novel. "The term "creative non-fiction" is misleading in that it implies that the facts can be invented.

50-sized narrative non-fiction books to get on your schedule.

arrative articles - also known as imaginative articles or literature articles - are usually described as articles that use the technique and styles of fiction (characters, storyline, conflicts, scenography) to tell a real narrative. Non-fiction can handle almost any subject, but if you save one, you are almost certain to have a great reading-time.

There are 50 great narrative non-fiction works in this booklet, although it could have been much longer. I' ve tried not to insert direct biographies or memoir because I wanted to focus this book listing on those that emphasize powerful research/reporting along with a narrative part. And of course this narrative article is not nearly complete - that would be outrageous.

An Encyclopaedia of the Former World by John McPhee-Four B├╝cher gathered in a huge work on the geologic story of North America. Kim Ghattas' secretary - An insider report by a travelling reporter on Hillary Clinton's tenure as foreign minister. Nazila Fathi's Solitary War - A report by an iranian reporter about the fight for reforms in Iran.

Holly Tucker's Town of Light, town center of Paris - A report on the first Paris commissioner of policemen and a toxic killing pandemic in the latter years of 1600. Cold blood by Truman Capote-The primal real detective novel. Thin Airby Jon Krakauer - The tale of a shocking, fatal ascent of Mount Everest. Florence's Monsters by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi-Historical about the Italian Jack the Ripper, who was murdered between 1968 and 1985.

Timbuktu Bad Ace Librarians by Joshua Hammer - A group of library staff joined forces to carry out a literature robbery to rescue valuable Arabian writings from Al-Qaeda. The Columbine of Dave Cullen - The final portrayal of the Columbine Shoot. So if you liked this listing and want more narrative non-fiction, please read our True Story Newsletters.

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