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Designed by experts and supported by parents and teachers, Write My Name is a fun way for children to write letters, words, names and sentences. An entertaining educational application that motivates preschool children to practice writing the letters of the alphabet, the visual words and their own names. If you are looking for a writing application for Android, you should try Writer. Here are some examples of good address writing. The Write!

is a perfect text editor that helps you focus on the essentials and turn your ideas into meaningful stories.

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Designed by professionals and supported by educators and students, it is a funny way for kids to type words, characters, names and sentences. The name helps kids aged 4 to 6 type their name, track upper and lower case characters, and spell over 100 trusted visual and dagger words.

Compliant with some of the fundamental literacy standards for kindergartens, such as the adoption and mastering of printing and text detection systems. Nestled in a child's lovely wooden table, there are three areas of activities that pre-school children and nursery school teachers can discover while they practise and cope with writing their alphabets, their names and their usual visual words.

The ABC alphabetical textbook concentrates on the acquisition and pursuit of the single upper and lower case characters. - Text maps insert over 100+ popular words with kids using upper and lower case characters. Follow the name a second asterisk will be added to the student's workbook. This reward encourages the child to develop through all the words offered.

  • I allow my name to allow a parent and teacher to make 100 name badges, among them the name of the kid with a painting for kids to practise writing words that are especially relevant to them. For kids with specific needs, it''Write My Name'' is a way for them to learn new writing techniques in a funny and entertaining way.

As one of their IEP (Individual Educational Program) objectives, those with name-writing will particularly profit from the use of the Word My Name Lernanwendung, as it makes this function available and reachable for kids with subtle engine retardation and sensorial workability. From the same creators who have given us Injini, it is an astonishing tool that will help kids not only to know how to type their correspondence, but also to understand many of the words that a kid needs to be a flowing reading device.

Contrary to some of the others learning to type applications writing My Name has an easy-to-use user experience so that kids are able to concentrate on their writing instead of getting bogged down by continuous corrections. In addition, there is a section called "Tags", where adults and carers can make specific words for the baby to practise writing like the child's name, which is a good way for kids to get ready for school.

This is a fantastic application and a great way to help your kid get ready for going to university. I' m able to enter the child's name and log the name, but when I go to verify that it never joins and ends. it just rotates over.

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