Name of Writers and their Books

Authors and their books

Much of her books focused on series with her detectives "Poirot" and Mrs. Marple. Its best-known and best-selling book is its collection of short stories - Malgudi Days. He is on every list of "Best Indian Authors". Since the question is asked, I will stick to the Indian writers who used their pseudonym.

For example, Janet Evanovich doesn't cross out her name.

What do writers select pseudonyms? books

What happens when you have to select a pseudonym? All of a sudden it's intimate and sincere, questioning your personality and your background. "Don't take this the wrong way, but it's your name. We' re gonna have to do something about it. I' m worried about your first and last name. Our life can be spent trying to escape our own parent and his or her own influences and work out our own names, but our names are given to us and most of us never do.

And even if a woman gets married, they have no option over the last name they take. To share a last name with Harry Potter, the most popular recent books and movies ranch, and Beatrix Potter also makes things more difficult for a woman author who tries to create her own world. I' d never thought Alison would show much: it's not uncommon; it's not a Grecian godsdess or a town in East Europe or a bottle of vine, and it's not a substantive that has become such a popular name for popular artists (cello, tiger, peaches) - but that's the trouble.

For a crime novelist, that's disastrous. Selling books is like muesli or face creme or tights: the publicity is important and the medium age is not enough. So, I started to find a pseudonym. Literature writers almost never alter their name, but at the end of the business cycle, they do.

It was more difficult than I had expected, but Lee Child, John le Carré and Nicci French are just a few of the aliases used by writers of thrillers. Most of the problems I had with a new name, it felt like I was chopping the courage out of who I was. So I started searching my folks for last names.

I have a mate named Upstone. A further addition: "You have to consider what the name means in other tongues. However, the right name can certainly help. After exhausting every surname, I drew up a short list of about 10, mainly from my frequent cemetery and movie races on the area.

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