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Newest tweets from Mystery Writers (@EdgarAwards). All these are familiar sentences that many mystery authors - myself included - have used to describe the murderous acts we write about in our books. Wellcome to the Florida Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. We welcome all crime authors, both published and aspiring. All genres: traditional mysteries, thrillers, short stories, biographies and scripts.

Fifty mystery writers to start reading before you pass away.

Following a discussion that deprived older members of the Telegraph's literature personnel with their hands drawn, dark eyed and, in one case, contaminated bites, this weeks edition presents our 50 great mystery writers of all times. Was Ellery Queen supposed to be two of the people on the register?

Register or register and say it. Who are the mystery writers who can actually work? In our opinion, any serious readership will benefit from the contact with one of the authors on this mailing lists. And just because we like you, we are interviewing as a bonuses Robert B. Parker - an incomparable record player, who is perhaps the best detective novelist you have never known.

It' s easy to say that Hammett was the most powerful stylizer of the last hundred years and probably the ancestor of the contemporary novel. Having refined his writing technique on paper journals, he demonstrated that high quality literature was not only possible, but best accomplished through economical rather than floral or strongly manners.

Gamett has now so universally developed pioneering examples of the moral ambiguity of the heroes ( "Sam Spade") and the equitable relationship of contemporary marriages ( "Nick and Nora Charles") that we have forgot our debts to him. Marvellously productive Belgium champion, who is said to have authored more than 10,000 women and more than 300 books.

but he expected to produce 60 pages of literature a journal. Dostoevsky Dime Store" - Jim Thompson - was the most violent and brightest representative of the old cellulose. With Agatha Christie, Sayers was in charge of anchoring in society the (demonstrably false) concept that woman are particularly good at typing crimes.

Bourgeois personalities fall in the middle, right and lefthand, while Lord Peter is perhaps too much of a good thing, even as a snobby wishful fulfillment.

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