Mystery Literary Agents

The Mystery Literary Agents

Secret & Tension We' re representing some of the most popular and exciting writers in the industry, such as Gillian Flynn, writer of the New York Times bestseller Gone Girl, Charp Objects and Dark Places, Lisa Lutz, writer of the hilariously funny Spellman show Myssteries and Harry Dolan, writer of nir mythical Bad Things Bite. We' re always striving to expand our lists and want to keep presenting shocking and surprising novels. For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover. For more information about the book on the lefthand side, scroll your cursor over its cover.

These are the stories of three friends: one who was killed, one who went to jail, and one who was looking for the facts. The Butcher' s writer tells a storyline about how far someone will go to hide a mystery. Mariah Fredericks is inviting us into the hearts of a shifting New York with her remarkably two-star first novel for adults, with her excellent fiction, keen observations and skillful plots.

Is she actually trying to murder her mum? In the 7th episode of the New York Times' best-selling and award-winning enigma show, Maggie Hope, a female operative who works for the Special Operations Executive in Paris, an enchanting but incredibly quiet town where SS officials roam the street and the Ritz is covered with a swastika.

Half-moon bay is a clever, poignant narrative about mental tension from the award-winning New York Times bestseller Rev. Turn of Mind. Half-moon bay is a daunting storyline about a mom who' s being persecuted by her past. Flynn's celebrated and best-selling second novel recounts the history of Libby Day, who was seven years old when his mom and sister were killed in "The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas".

Twenty five years later he is in jail, and the worried Libby is no longer sure whether her report card was any more. Step by step, the unthinkable reality appears, and Libby finds herself where she began - on the run from a murderer.

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