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Stop, You're Killing Me! has playlists of your favorite mystery authors and serial characters. The saboteur' combines heroic history of the Second World War with thriller dramaturgy. Contemporary, historical, funny puzzle mystery! Authors, book reviews, interviews and short films.

Reviews of mystery books and recommendations covering the latest psychothrillers, mysteries, Nordic Noir and more.

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Josiah Reynolds Mystery is a mystery novel by Abigail Keam. This is the 11th book in Keam's Josiah Reynolds Mystery Edition, but the writer gives the reader enough information to be able to enjoy this book as an independent book........ The Carol Golden Book 7 by Alan Cook has been created by Cynthia Sakai, aka Carol Golden, who helps Kyle Robertson complete the lavish task of.....

It' a work of art of art and amusement, murders gone missinging: The Southern California Mystery of Lida Sideris has everything a reader wants in terms of mystery, detective and kill. Well-known for his sex life and his Oscars, his killing attracted attention. George R. Hopkins' Staten Island Butcher is a mystery adventure story that has all the right ingredients to make it thrilling and difficult.

Yard Goat by Raymond M. Flynt is the perfect choice if you love thriller storytelling that moves fast thanks to an easy-flowing dialog, minimal description and a constantly developing storyline with many thriller options. One of the Mystery Writers of America, this productive author..... The Portia of the Pacific Historical Mysteries, Vol. 2 is a detective story by James Musgrave.

Mystery, murders and chaos surrounds Charlotte Holmes and her new boyfriend, Dr. Josh Watan, in A Christmas in Calcutta from AM Sardar. Charlotte and Josh come together in a charming new interpretation of the old Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson enigmas under extraordinary conditions as.....

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The secrets of this weeks journey from a New Hampshire residential home to a London townhouse, with stations in New York City and a dilapidated shed in Oakland. The Marilyn Stasio's Crime columns shows a "bitter as hell" ex-con, a murderous teacher, an almost crazy storyteller and a lucky soldiers who became a slob.

In Alaska or in the hinterland of New York, a small city can be extremely lethal, as the stories in Marilyn Stasi's Christopher' Christ show. London's forests and salons are sites in Marilyn Stasi's columns. Defeated wives, bankrupted business people and celebrity ballplayers are following the crime's columns this weekend.

Marilyn Stasi's columns include a Maine lake and a UK choral room. An assassinous sensator is the main criminal in the crimes section, followed by a rapist schoolteacher. The Mystery Pillar of Marilyn Stasi is visiting the channels of Venice and the rocks of South Britain, with US box stop in a morgue and morgue.

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