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Write puzzle and suspense books? Autopublier & ; imprimer vos propres livres de mystère rapidement & ; à un prix abordable. Commented list of mystery book publishers with contact information.

Entrust your thriller or exciting novel for publication. Do you know that Mystery is one of the fastest growing book genres?

The Mystery Publishing House

A lot of good businesses release mystery, thriller and mystery stories. The following is a listing of some of these publishers and their sites. Butdeen Bay, an impartial publishing house focused on majorstream fictions, complete with mystery. and Busby, is a UK-based publishing house in a range of different musical styles, among them crimes, mystery and thriller, and is marketed in the USA by Casemate IPM.

Emphorae Publishing Group, a small media company located in St. Louis, MO. Among the prints is Blank Slate Newspaper, which releases thrillers. The Arbutus Publishing House, an independant publishing house with secrets in Michigan. The Arte Público Publishing House, a publishing house for modern literature (including mysteries) by American Spanish writers. Prince+Blue Edition, an innovating "Digital First" publishing house devoted to the production of high-quality e-books and rint-editions in various categories, among them Mystery/Suspense/Thriller.

Random House Department Bantam Dell provides the BD Sneak Peaks News. BARBARRAN Books, a long-established editor of new novel length e-books only and paid in license fees. Openness to all kinds of fictional genres, even mystery. From heartbreaking romanticism to mystery, eroticism and thrillers, Bella Books is the first publishing house for lively and compelling novels for and about dykes.

Publication of Belle Books / Bell Bridge Books in a wide range of different styles, incl. Mystery/Suspense. PrimeCrimea, Berkley PrimeCrimea, provides PrimeCrimea newsletters. the best crimes and Roman noir from distant lands. The Bloomsbury Publishers (including Walker and Company). The Bold Strokes Books, which publish LGBT literature in various categories, among them Action/Adventure, Criminality and Mystery/Itrigue.

A part of Coffeetown Press, Camel Press releases all kinds of genres: mystery, mystery/suspense, sci-fi, ghosts.... or any combinations thereof. Crime Capital Press. The first Harlequin impression, Carina Press. Included in the category are romatic tension and puzzles. Specialized in the production of crime thrillers. The small, freelance publisher specialized in the production of cosy Mystery Book.

cribs and Landru, editors of mystery collection of shorts. A lethal ink designed to help authors succeed in every mystery game. Down-and-out book, is narrative... personal detective... hard-boiled... well-written tales of crim. The Endeavour Press, is aimed at creating the world's most inspiring eBooks by new and existing authors, as well as long articles and novels in various categories such as criminality and novel.

Felonies & Mutilation Press. is a publisher of five star titles in the categories of westerns, romanticism, mystery and sci-fi and phantasy. First and foremost, Full Moon Publishers releases non-traditional enigmas, volumes that connect enigmas with an elements of paranormality, imagination and scare. FWCrime, has set itself the task of releasing novel stories by debutants and well-known writers under this Tyrus Book credit.

The Mystery eNewsletter contains the Imprint titles Hachette Book Group USA, the Imprint titles of The Mystery eNewsletter and Little, Brown. Hardball thrillers, from forgotten noise masterworks to new books by contemporary authors, with breathtaking genuine covers in full size. Harlequin, including Mira, Worldwide Mystery and others.

HarperCollins, is offering The Scene of the Crime News. Helmet Books, an independant, author-friendly publishing house for non-fiction and literature, among them mystery, thrillers, criminality and romance. The Henery Press, an award-winning publishing house in the mystery/suspense category that focuses on exciting tales with incisive turns and vibrant personalities. Hyperion Books. The Intrigue Press, editor of Mystery with a soft note and uniquely localy.

This is Joffe Books, an independant editor of major new literature. The Kensington Books. Mostly Murder Press, designed to build a link between New England writers and mystery writers who love to play novel in this part of the game. The new Midnight Ink Books, a new part in mystery film. Multiholland Books, an impression by Little, Brown, publishes detective and thriller books, policing procedures, espionage and even psychic-tension.

Myssterious Press, in combination with Open Road Integrated Media, will take from some of the world's most important mystery, suspend and criminal authors and distribute them in electronic read-outs. Nightshadows Press, gives gifted mystery authors a forum to present their work to readers.

No-exit presse, a UK-based freelance mystery publishers. Minnesota North Star is a small publishers specializing in local literature for Minnesota. Among the categories are Mystery and Suspse. ocearview publing brings you the best of mystery, thriller and suspense. The Pemberley Jessley-- The Penury Newspaper, devoted to the publication of high-profile mystery fun and humour.

The Perseverance Press, editor of new literature thrillers. Point-Blank Press, an impressum of Wildside Press, specialized in the publication of modern detective stories. POSISONED PEN PRESS, an independant company specialized in the mystery area. A Prologue Books, an F+W Media masthead that converts out-of-print books in many different categories, among them criminality, into e-books.

Inclusive of Ballantine, Delacorte, Press, Villard, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard and others: Mystery on the web-newsletters. The RendezVousCrimea, an impressum of Napoleon and Co. with unique and unique music. The Salvo Press, handmade enigmas from the micro-brew of publishers. Serern House, editor of literary works that include criminality and mystery.

Scribner, Pocket Books, Downtown Press, The Free Press, Atria, Atria, Touchstone und andere. the Soho Crime newsletters. St. Kitts Press, secrets for demanding people. St. Martin's Press, with blacksmith, Minotaur and others; provides an exciting newletter. In the industry, Stark House Press, is the reprint of some of the best enigmas and preternatural fictions of the last 100 years.

The StoneHouse Ink, an independent publisher specialising in literature, mystery, YA, para-normal and imagination. A masthead of with focus on mystery and mystery. The Thrill Press. Typical Tyndale publisher's styles are mystery and exciting stories with catholic topics. Whitness Impulse, an impression by William Morrow that focuses on digital-original mysteries, tension and mystery stories.

WORDFORG BEARS, an independant publishing house for high class publications like Mystery, Romantic and Psychic. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have a proposal for a Mystery Booklisher. Website Publisher: Hidden Staircase Mystery Sites.

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